Corgi Mix - Trouble walking, lethargic. Seeking any input please! :)

Hi! My Corgi-Lab mix (Rocky) has been experiencing trouble walking since Sunday. He is around 8 years old. He was lagging quite a bit on our daily walk and since then he's been unable to walk up the steps, jump on the couch and even has trouble getting up the short step onto the porch. He's been laying around a lot and hasn't been his usual self. When I try to take him for a short walk, he walks extremely slow. He's not barking as much either. And is unable to stand for long.

I took him to the vet on Thursday (not my usual vet). He dismissed him by saying it was arthritis. He refused to do any x-rays. He told me to get him to lose some weight and that was it. He's a few pounds overweight but not obese. I also started him on Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM.

A few other notes about Rocky... he has the Corgi stubby legs and has a stocky build. His front two middle nails are really worn. I've noticed before if I rub his lower back, his legs will go down pretty far. But I'm not sure if this is just a reflex. He's never really been graceful on his feet.

My other dog (a Dachshund/Beagle mix) has arthritis, she's 13-1/2. She has never acted like Rocky has been acting. And she moves faster on the walks than him. She's also "low to the ground".

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced any problems like this with their Corgi/Corgi mixes. It's breaking my heart seeing him like this, he's completely not himself. I've had him for almost a year and I'm not too familiar with the Corgi breed. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!! :)

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My corgi had a pulled muscle in his back. I wasn't sure if he got it at the dog park or when my daughter tried to grab him. He aviod us and was not his social self. He hid in the closet and moved if we tried to touch him. We did not know what was wrong with him so we took him to the vet the next day because he didn't seem any better. The vet said back problems are not uncommon with corgis due to the shape of their bodies. He gave him a shot and some pain killers. he was better after a few days. May he injured himself playing with your other dog or jumping off something. If he dosen't feel any better I would get a second opinion from someone else.
I would take him to your usual vet right away. Especially if it's been a couple of days and he's still lame. If it's a sprain, after a couple of days you should be noticing improvement. And a sprain usually doesn't make their attitude sluggish. I would be inclined to think he's in pain, especially if he's panting more or shaking.
Thank you both so much for your input! I greatly appreciate it! :)

I've been doing research about Rocky and was thinking that maybe it was a back problem. I can't think of anything that happened. It could be from walking or jumping off the couch.

I'm going to call the vet's office and tell them he's not doing better. And I will ask to see a different vet in the office. I hate to doubt a vet who has more knowledge than me, but I feel like there's more going on with him then just arthritis. I feel like there's something really troubling him since he's lost his "spark". Thankfully he's not shaking or panting.
Has Rocky been tested for Lyme disease?
My vet says the most common complaint from owners for dogs with Lyme is just what you said above, "He's just not himself." Lyme has tons of odd symptoms, but lethargy, sore/stiff legs, limping, are often the first signs. Definitely go to a less dismissive vet and get a blood test. Bring a poop sample too, so they can check for other parasites, just in case. And make sure the Lyme test is a thorough one -- there are many varieties these days! If he does have it, it can be treated with doxycycline and you'll see big improvement in 1-2 days.
Thank you both! I didn't realize that about Lyme disease. I adopted Rocky last November from a shelter. I believe he was living on the streets for quite awhile. He had some "bowel" problems, had his poop checked and it was clean. But my vet had me put powder on his food for over a month and said some parasites don't show up in a test. The powdered medication was supposed to kill any parasites in his system. His bowels were much better after the medication. It's so tough not knowing what his past was. He may have a condition or had an accident that I am unaware of. Thank you both so much!! I will definitely ask the vet about the Lyme test.
Poor Rocky, I am so sad to hear he's not feeling well. PLease let us know what the other vet says.
Thank you for your kindness and wishes!! :) Will do!
We hope you find out what's wrong and feel better soon Rocky!!!!!!! Is he eating ok? Keep us posted please!!!!
Thank you Jane for your concern and wishes!!! :) Yes, fortunately he is eating okay.
That's good at least!!!!!
Any update on your bubby?


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