After 1+ years of waiting, I finally arrive at the time where I am be able to settle down & finally have a corgi of my own! hooray!!

I have done research about corgi care & will still research more before getting one,

approximately half-1 year later.

It would be great to get an input from all veteran corgi owners here.

What will you say to a newbie corgi owner?

or what you wish every corgi owner know before owning a corgi?

I know this is a very broad topic but Your input is greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in advanced!

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Another option for child gates (I had to gate my basement for my spaniel as she would lay at the top and as she grew frail would sometimes slip down a few steps and get stuck) is a consignment-regular or a child one. I ended up stretching it out so it held against the wall on both sides rather than using the suction cup and undoing it every time I needed to go downstairs.  That worked for my senior, but probably need to wedge it securely for a pup.

I like the metal child gates because they look nicer and you can open them easy
I still use 2 for my adults just to keep them and people from possibly falling down the basement steps because they are located in a strange place and to keep them out of our carpeted bedrooms and cat litter box.

Ditto! They do look decent and they cut your chance of tripping and falling by an order of magnitude. When Ruby and (before her) Anna were puppies, I would use the metal hinged gate to keep them in (or out of) rooms where I came and went a lot, and the cheapie Target wooden barriers on the doors to rooms that I don't use very often. After about your 34th climb over a wooden kiddie gate, the thing gets to be a real inconvenience. A metal gate is a real lifesaver in that department.

But so is an X-pen. They also have a gate segment...and instead of fencing the dog (and you) out, the X-pen fences the dog in and gives you free run of the house. After Ruby got to the point where she could be more or less trusted not to eat the furniture or deposit mounds or puddles hither, thither, and yon, the X-pen could be taken apart to form a long length of wire barrier -- with a gate! -- which I could string across access to the swimming pool, so I didn't have to worry about her tumbling in when my back was turned.


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