My wife is having a problem with the amount of shedding our 6-month corgi is displaying. She wants to take him to the groomer to get him trimmed. Will this have any negative effect on his coat once it grows out?

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A trim probably wouldn't do anything to stop the shedding, as it's the undercoat that sheds so profusely and not the top coat.  If she means to shave him, then here's a post in the FAQ that's all about whether to shave or not.  The post is about shaving to help in the heat, but the replies will be useful for you, as well.  In my opinion, shaving would be a bad idea.  A good deshedding at the groomer's might help a lot, though!
Thanks for the info!
Trimming won't do anything for the shedding besides make the shed hairs all prickly, I definitely wouldn't do it. You could try taking him to the groomer for deshedding, but at 6 months old he still has his baby coat and I can't imagine they're going to be able to do much. Once he gets his adult coat the shedding will probably be much worse and the grooming would be more effective.
Hi Stephen, the corgi pup coat takes 2 years to be fully filled out, it is a double coat, bug , water and sun resistant. Unless you have a fluffy coat corgi or medical emergency, you DO NOT trim / shave the coat period. As the corgi age, the top coat do not grow back as frequent and it will never be the same, not to mention it's July now. It is important to let the dog groomer know that you DO NOT want your corgi trim / alter in any shape or form.
I think a lot of groomers are clipper happy any way, so if you do take him in for a deshedding groom MAKE SURE you tell them NO clippers:)
NO CLIPPING !!! Brush-Brush-Brush, sweep/vac.  Corgi's shed all the time, you wear a corgi like a badge of honor.  All the work it takes for up-keep is rewarded 10 fold with their funny/loving/crazieness.  A good groomer can work wonders BUT they will still shed just less (for a while).

Agree on what folks have posted....lots of brushing.  I have two fluffs and a short haired, on all of them I use the Furminator which is one of the options available.  I LOVE it!  Really good at taking out undercoat which is what's being shed for the most part.  A bit of advice, though, when furminator'ing do it outside!

Brush, Brush, Brush! I hadn't brushed Noodles in 2 weeks and you should have seen the amount of hair I got off him. I swear he lost 5 pounds. I'm sure he feels much better now as well getting all that lose hair off of him. I was such a slacker, but I'm glad I finally brushed him out. I love the comment about wearing them like a badge of very true.

Oooooo, bad idea getting a corgi if you wife has a problem with shedding, there is no cure for that, its a corgi trait lol.  Here are some past discussions that might help you out.  Good luck!


There are tons more, but these couple will hopefully have some insightful information for you.  Personally, at my house we have a furminator and a really really good vaccum.


I just have a steel Afro-type comb, and I don't comb all that often (every month or two?).  It does help when they're "blowing their coat".  I do it to prevent matting, not to reduce shedding.  Never tried a furminator.

We are kind of slobs, and don't vacuum often, and our house really isn't all that furry. 

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!  If you have him shaved, 99% chance the coat will never be the same.


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