Hello, does anybody know any good places to purchase a good corgi decal for a vehicle?? Thanks! :)

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I have found some nice ones on Ebay.Not magnetic but the stick on kind. I have also seen the magnetic types on Amazon.

I found a good one on eBay three years ago when I got my Wynne. 

The guy also added text.  I had him write "Corgi Mom"

try zazzle.com and cafepress.com



(I especially like the "red corgon")

I've used cafepress, too. You can design your own stickers, mugs, too. They have both the stick-on and the magnetic kind. Fun stuff.

cafepress has some awesome corgi decals. Some very cute and funny ones.

I like the cafepress ones too.  Most of their designs can be made in a sticker.  

You can also go to your local sign-making shop and have a custom one made for you. "Corgi butts drive me nuts!" With your dog's picture!

This is very timely post for me because I have just brought home a new car.  My old car has the red-dit lobster corgi on it.  I will need a new decal.  Any suggestions?  Where can I get it?  Thanks!

Thanks! These are all great suggestions :) For the vehicle decal my boyfriend and I both ordered one of these: http://www.amazon.com/Corgi-Pembroke-Welsh-Window-Sticker/dp/B00504...

I will probably look into those other sites for other fun corgi merchandise! They all have really great options :)

Etsy has a small selection of corgi decals, though I've never used any myself so I cannot speak for their quality.  They sure do look great, though.

Well Ashley, I just checked out your sticker on Amazon and saw that they have a fluffy one!  Decisions, decisions...

I ordered mine off of Amazon and it says "corgi mom". I love it since that is what I am! It is a sticker that is on my back window. It makes me laugh when people see the sticker and then they see Noodles hanging out the window with his tongue dangling out of his mouth.


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