I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm being trained by my 5 month old Ella.  I take her out first thing in the morning and she does her duty.  However, she will sit by the front door and whimper about 2-3 times after that...all within an hour's time.  I take her out and all she wants to do is play!  I haven't figured out how to determine if she really needs to go again or if she is taking advantage of me.   Has anyone else experienced this?  These Corgis sure are smart!

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That's interesting.  I think I might give that a try!  Thanks :)

Yes, the bell saved us with Rocky also. It's easy to train and works great with a dog who doesn't bark to go out.

Ruby (also 5 months) does similar type behavior.  We have trained her to ring a bell hanging from the door when she needs to go out, but she will also ring the bell just for attention if we are busy and she is bored. We still take her out (even if we were just out 2 minutes before!) so we don't undo our training.  When she is doing this "excessive" ringing, we usually try to play with her to distract her which works, but if we really are too busy, after 3 times of going out and no potty, we put her in her crate for 15-20 minutes, then go out again and she usually goes potty at that time. 

i like your idea of three tries your in your kennel if no piddle is produced... may try that tomorrow with my Brie....

Thanks everyone for the replies!  I appreciate them.  I may try teaching her to ring a bell when she needs to go out.  I know she also likes to just lay on the carpet that is in front of the door so sometimes it's hard to know if she is there to go out or just there to hang out!  She is doing so well on the potty training though..., I'm very proud of her.   She hasn't had an accident in the house for quite a while now.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

You got it right, your being trained.

Dino has a doggie door and so there are no accidents on his part or mine. But all other things he trained me.

All corgis try to train their owners so the answer is YES! I have always used the early puppyhood to train mine the "go potty" command. While you are out with her, as soon as she starts to squat say a command I use " go potty" then praise any result. This helps her learn what you want. It is great if it is pouring rain and cold to have a dog trained to go on command! I learned this from a great dog trainer I took my almost 6 month old Sparty (he is 12 now) to after I got tired of him trying to "kick my butt" into doing whatever he wanted all the time. I would also recommend walks at least twice a day and some play sessions. This is a smart active bossy working dog and expending energy is very important. Remember from her stand point she is not trying to train you, she is trying to let you know what she wants...it is your job to decide what you want to train her as an outlet for her needs. Good luck she is a cutie!

Thank you for your advice and Ella and I both thank you for the compliment!   I'm lucky because I have a german shepherd that loves to play so he keeps Ella running most of the day!  I'm not sure I could keep up with the amount of energy she has, lol. 

Don't let Ella talk to Scout... Scout LOVES going outside.  I don't want her to start sitting by the door and asking to go out alll the time.

She doesn't get excited about much (not even food) but if I say the word "outside" even in normal conversational tone (and not my tone when I tell her we're going out) she gets really clingy until I give in.  Now, if I do ask her if she wants to go outside, she will start frapping, jumping up, and talking to me.  She's taught me to get all the way ready to go out before I even mention the word - since she doesn't like to wait on me to get ready

That's funny!  Don't worry....I won't let my Ella pass along her sly activities to Scout.  ;)

Like ownership, training is a 2-way thing.


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