Do all corgis do the same thing? Just wondering.

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Oh the wallow. ^_^ the more disgusting the happier they seem when they wallow in it.

Mine loves to do this with bird poop.  -_-  Sometimes she'll roll on a squished bug on the sidewalk, especially if it's fresh and goopy, but usually it's just bird poop.

yep, they love roll in disgusting things!!!

Haha, both my corgi and chihuahua LOVE to wallow in dead things!  (Kinda gross actually even though they look cute when they do this.)  One time they found a dead frog...ugh...

Nope, Frosty just eats dead bugs.  He saves rolling for poop lol.

YES!!!  A dead frog is one of our personal favorite at our house!!!!  SSSMMMMMEEEELLLLLYYYY ^..^

Dead worms are the best because they are both a perfume AND a snack!

Awww this video just cracks me up! I tell people that Boo has only two choices for everything she approaches: ROLL in it or EAT it! I know how you feel. At least this time it was just a dead bug and not something much more smelly! :)

Free cologne samples? Yes please!!! let me rub it here, here and here :)

Abbey loves to roll on dead worms...eeeeeeeek!

Yes and mine love to wallow in cow manure or any other disgusting ground material.

Jai will be glad to know he's not alone :-p


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