Thor has recently staked claim on all of the random cow hooves that Dante had stashed around the house (to hide from Pippa, no doubt!). Since finding them, they are the only things that he will chew on other than antlers! (Now if I could find something to keep Stormy from chewing up my dining chairs O_O)

Anyhoo, my question-is 3 months too early for something like cow hooves? For those of you that give them as chews, when did you start? We didn't "discover" them until Pippa was almost a year old, so I'm not sure if they are too hard for a little one. I'm pretty sure he's teething all around as his ears are drooping pretty heavily the past few days, and he is almost constantly gnawing on something. So I'm just curious as to whether I need to hide the hooves for a few more months, or if they are fine...

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I used to use cow hooves all the time for pups and adults but have switched to antlers due to the hooves smelling (if not from the USA) and pieces chipping off that really scared me if they would swallow. Have you tried kongs or good rubber toys....that might work for wanting to chew.

I do have Kongs, but since he found the hooves, he won't touch the kongs or any of his usual toys.

Nyla bones???? Some pups like them and some don't...


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