I was just vaccuuming Charlie's crate out and was thinking about how often others do this. I have a first of the month ritual. Every first weekend I'll throw the dogs beds into the washer.. clean out their crates, throw their dog dishes into the dishwasher and wash the pups.

How often does everyone else clean their pups crates? 

I'm thinking it may be more often for people who crate their pets more then just the ones that just leave the doors open so the pups can relax when they want to?

Thanks! :)

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I wash their bedding every 2 weeks and wipe down the inside's(I have the plastic crates) at the same time. I wash their food/water bowls weekly. They get bathed 1 a month before flea medicine is applied. Just a side note I don't always use shampoo on them just water if they aren't stinky.
I wash their bedding from the crates probably about 2 x's a month. Dishes maybe once a week sometimes not that often and their crates I wipe out with a baby wipe if it's needed which isn't more than once a month. I never bathe my corgis unless they roll in something or get muddy.
I clean the bedding/crate whenever I notice it needs it, lol. Usually it is at least once or twice a month. Despite using next to no detergent when cleaning her bedding, Casey HATES when I put clean bedding in her crate, and will go inside with a big "HUFF" and start tearing it up (it's usually a folded up sheet or two). Once it's satisfactorily messed up to her liking, she'll lay down with a big unhappy sigh and glare at me with a death stare for a few minutes before going on about her day :)

Everything gets done at the same time when I do it (crate bedding, towel used to dry her feet/belly, towel used in the car when coming home from the dog park (which gets VERY dirty), main floor dog bed and basement dog bed/chew towel.
I clean Chloe's bedding on a weekly basis.
I clean Izi's out about every other week. I live the crate door open for her at night, but during the day if I am gone it's closed. It can smell pretty funky if I don't clean it on a regular basis. Last thing I want is my bedroom smelling like dog. Lol.


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