Tucker is approaching 4 months and I crate him next to me when I go to bed. I was just wondering what other people's experience (specifically age) was in trusting to not crate their Corgi when they go to bed.

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Is he crated during the day, and if yes, for how long?

How is his potty training?

I still crate mine at night, she is 9 months now, but probably will try to give her freedom at night soon. I once heard my trainer said I could try to give her the bedroom at night (with the crate door opened) when she reached 9 months old.I see she is quite comfortable in the crate next to our bed during the night.

Since their bladder almost finished growing, and if their potty training is great (no accident for at least a month), you could try to give him more freedom. But 4 months, I would think it is a bit early... just my opinion... Just do it gradually... maybe monitor the behavior during the day time and decide whether he is ready...

Lucy spends the night in her ex-pen and she is 15 months. Because of the 2 cats, this makes for a more peaceable kingdom at night. That, and Lucy is still such a chewer. I stopped using the crate when she was about 6 months--or rather, she wanted nothing mroe to do with it. That's when I got the pen. Of course, by this time she was very good a letting me know when she had to pee.

We let Luke sleep with us at that age but he was exceptionally easy to potty train. If he is still having a lot of accidents I wouldn't allow it.

Lulu is 15 months old and I still crate her at night (sometimes daytime as well). Lulu is fully housebroken since she was 6 months old but she is a big chewer. After she destroyed my sofa, coffee table, mattress, and many other items, I have learned that Lulu needs a lot of supervision. So that is why I still crate her at night.

I stopped crating Ace at roughly 11 months, at night. Up until 9 months, he was regularly crated in the day time as well (I work from home). I only let Ace free at night because my husband loves cuddling him in bed, and Ace has surprised me by being well-behaved at night. However, the bedroom door is shut and we have made sure that he does not get into anything while he's with us.

I would say that it's your call whether you want to keep Tuck crated at night with you once he is fully housebroken. Trust me, you do NOT want to be peed on in bed... it is awful to have to change the sheets when you are dead tired.

Becca is 13 months old. I still crate her at night. It gives the cat a turn to have command of the house. I also have sleep issues and it keeps her noise down so that I can sleep. I started leaving her loose during the day with gated rooms for the cat again this summer. At 10 months she couldn't handle it, she has done well this time around though. Anything destroyed has been my fault for leaving it out.

Rocky is almost 22 months and it's not so much that I crate him at night but that he prefers to be crated. LOL! I've tried leaving the door to the crate open at night to give him the freedom to go in and out but he'd whine and whine until I come back down and close the door for him.

I really appreciate everyones' responses :).

To answer some questions:

-He is hardly crated during the day because I am mostly home, but when I do leave its for about 2 or 3 hours. The majority time that he is crated is from 10pm til 6am "Bed time" (sometimes I wake him up at 12am for a potty break)...other times he is passed out so I've been lucky for how long he has been able to hold his bladder, but I try not to push since he is still a puppy..Since I've had him at 9 weeks he slept from 10pm til 7am once....now he is religiously up between 5:15am and 6am.

-Potty training has been relatively easy though the first week was a nightmare. The 2nd week is when he understood what to do. Now he goes to the door to lets me know he has to go out and I have been more aware of his "potty cues"  just by spending a lot of time with him. It has been 3 weeks with no accidents :) 

-Ludi I completely agree. I made the mistake of putting him on my bed without thinking he might to afraid to jump off which resulted in him pee'ing LOL (totally my fault).

*I'm think I am just going to crate him for a few more months....thanks everyone*

I crated my Murph until he was 100% potty trained, about 6 months old.

Juno is about six months and is still crated at night. I prefer to crate him at night because he's easily startled once deep asleep & he will bark non stop even if it's the slightest thing that woke hiim up from his sleep. During the day he's crate door is opened inside his playpen & he chooses to go into his crate rather than sleep on the floor whether its inside or outside his playpen. It just really depends on how much your dog loves his crate i would say. but 4months is a bit early..unless your house or the area you're allowing him to sleep in is totally puppy proof..otherwise, i'd wait


Hi   Tucker looks so comfy in his crate.  Since my son and I havent pick up Thor til next month Oct beginning, Im learning about crate training and others. Im trying to find right size of crate for Pembroke Crogi. I plan to have one downstair in dining room in corner, and upstair in one room. Im happy to read the replies to your question. That helps.



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