I need some help! About a week ago I noticed that Bailey has been really itchy. I've checked her and our home for fleas and found none. We have just had it sprayed for insects 2 weeks ago. I've also tried using some anti-itch shampoo but it hasn't helped either. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on how to find out what's causing this or what I can do to alleviate her itchy-ness. It seems that she is doing nothing but scratching and she is as frustrated as I am.

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I had a border colie mix that had very bad pollen allergies. We used Vet Solutions shampoo with oatmeal, and that seemed to help. We also used Vet Solutions Universal Medicated Shampoo, and that was also helpful. When the pollen was really bad, we gave him 25mg twice a day of Benadryl (as directed by our vet). He weighed around 27 lbs.

Could be seasonal allergies. I've given my dogs benadryl before to help with the itchies.

like the others said, it could be seasonal allergies...Meatball has been itching her paws like crazy recently (to the point where they look red and inflamed). So we went to the vet. The vet said it could be mites(GROSS!), allergies, or just a behavioral thing. After scraping her paw skin to do a mites test, the vet determined it was probably allergies from grass and pollen (since it's only her paws). So now she's on allergy medication and antibiotics. If you could, try to stop her from itching as she can really irritate her skin more and pull out fur (Meatball initially had a cone on but now graduated to just baby socks lol)...and maybe a trip to the vet so you know for sure what it is. Good luck!

I agree - sounds like seasonal allergies.  See your vet!  If it's allergies, an antihistamine prescription can really help.  When the skin gets raw from scratching and chewing it gets vulnerable to infections.  Best to nip it in the bud.

Since this condition came up so close (within a week) of your yard being sprayed, she could be reacting to something that was used for the insect control...

Thanks all!


Brodie has allergies and I give him benadryl every morning. Works like  charm and is very safe. The dosage is basically 1mg per 1 lb body weight, so for a corgi that weighs around 25 lbs, one tablet daily is fine. You can even go to every 12 hours at first if needed. As stated in previous posts, it's probably pollen causing the itching. With dogs, the things that make us sneeze, will make them itch.


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