Depression in our corgi after losing his best pal....

As some of you know (and many thanks and hugs to all of you that wrote such kind words!!) we lost our Lucy last Friday.  Our other 5 yr old corgi Logan seems to be depressed since her passing.  He has been with Lucy ever since he was a puppy and now just seems so sad.

We have tried keeping him "busy" with lots of extra play time, toys, treats, etc. but today he has not eaten a bite of food.  And for a corgi that's just not normal! LOL

He just lays around and seems to have lost interest.  Of course it's only been 3 days since Lucy passed away.  I suppose he feels like we do.  He misses her too.

He goes to the vet Wednesday for his check up.  Perhaps our vet will have some ideas. 


Have any of you had a similar issue with your corgi?

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I grew up having Pomeranians.  I don't think it's just a Corgi think but a dog thing.  We had a pom that lived to be 16 and another to be 19.  Our 19 year old was still alive when his wife (the other pom) pass.  He was acting the same way you described.  Just pretty much being depressed.  I think he was out of the ordinary for about a month.  He started to live with my brother and his girlfriend.  His girlfriend never had a dog before and spoiled him like crazy.  I know some fur parents don't want to super spoil there dogs but it did seem to help him get back to normal. I hope this helps a little and I'm so sorry about your loss.  There is nothing like losing your fur kid or fur friend.
Thanks, I guess we will continue over doing it on the whole spoiling thing.  The kids would love to take him on a camping trip. Maybe that would help.

So sorry for your loss.  Cesar Milan has done a few shows on the grief of our furbabies - and they do indeed grieve.


Link to Dealing with Grief in a Pack by Cesar

Very much so.  It is very common for them to grieve, all of mine have done so for different amounts of time after one of the pack dies.  My newfoundand barely ate for two weeks after one of my dogs died.  He just sat all day and stared out the window--it was the saddest thing.  I guess just like humans it just takes time for them to adjust.  You are doing the right thing--keep giving extra love, and with time, he will adjust.  I'm so sorry for your loss--I'm sure seeing him grieving only makes your heart-ache worse...
I had the same problem several months ago, it is hard enough to be grieving as well as having to deal with your remaining dogs grief. Our female corgi grieved for several weeks and the vet said to watch her as she could make herself sick as well. After 3 weeks of her grieving we started looking for a rescue corgi that would suit her personality since no extra spoiling seemed to be helping her. It only took her a few days of her new friends arrival to bring her out of the bathroom where she would stay grieving and now she loves and enjoys her new bff.  I know getting another dog is not always an option for everyone and we did make sure that she did have plenty of time to grieve before bring in another corgi. Sorry for your loss, I know how hard it is and hope Logan's grief is short.

Dogs and people are all different and there is no right or wrong way to grieve, it's an internal process that has to run its course.  In addition, your other Corgi also reflects the general mood in the house, not the exterior appearance you put on for his benefit.  Dogs are great at reading your energy and the stronger the bond between you, the more they are influenced.  Allow your feelings to heal naturally and gently and his will too.  Someday you will be ready to  open your heart and home to another dog.  Hugs to both.


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