I sent in my dog's DNA to be tested to determine if she's pure or mixed and in 7/8 of the tests, her DNA was like the Pembroke DNA they had on file but in one test her DNA was a bit off. They said that this could be a sign that she's slightly mixed or it could mean she's from an isolated bloodline (of which they have no samples from). Since 7/8 of the tests said definitely purebred Pembroke, they decided that's what she's most likely to be, and declared her as such.

In other news, the AKC issued my dog a purebred alternative listing. I had to send in pictures of my dog and fill out a form and write why I thought she was pure. I included a copy of the DNA test results. The AKC approved her without any fuss. The papers came in the mail today.

I got this so we can compete in AKC Rally and Obedience.

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Great!!! Few people know you can do this and even fewer actually avail themselves of the opportunity.  The other thing is that the dog can be spayed or neutered and still compete in these AKC events.  Good info.  Have fun, you deserve it.

Oh, how exciting! She's such a sweetie. Happy for you both.

Congrats.  :)


Just so you know though, you can compete in AKC with an unregistered dog.  They will list them as "All American Dog"  (I think).  The just need to be spayed or neutered. 

Thanks :)

And you still have to register a mutt. They get registered with AKC's Canine Partners registry.

It's actually not as good as having purebred registration because not all events are open to mutts. The AKC allows event-giving clubs to decide if they're gonna allow mixed breeds or not. Some clubs are anti-mutt.

Around here, only about half the clubs offering obedience and rally allow mixed breeds to compete :(

Also, if I wanna do herding, I HAVE to have a purebred because that's never open to mutts.

Mutts are second-class citizens in AKC :/

If you want to compete, don't forget that AKC isn't the only game in town. There are many other national organizations that offer rally, obedience, herding and agility. I love CPE agility while also doing AKC. They are similar, especially standard runs, CPE has more variety.

There have been All American Dogs entered at every AKC event I've participated in. We've been beat by a few. I guess I've never encountered a club that hasn't allowed them.

I'm in so cal and around here AKC seems to be just about the only organization that ever puts on Rally trials. I tried searching for World Cynosport Rally and UKC Rally but nothing came up. With AKC on the other hand, I can find lots of trials.

Now agility is different. Agility competitors tell me that there are trials going on every weekend and that they are put on by various organizations. I, however, am not going to do agility with Madison. She has arthritis in her back and she's too lazy for agility anyways.

And around here, not all AKC clubs allow all American Dogs. One of these clubs is a club I used to belong to and I am peeved by that. 

It used to be that you just had to send in a photo to get a PAL.  Have they changed that with the introduction of DNA testing or is that still an option?

You have to send in two photos: one of your dog in front view and one in side view. Sending in the DNA test wasn't required. I just wanted them to have it in case they had any doubt as to my dog's purity.


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