Do dogs get colds? Is it allergies? Something worse?

My vet is closed so I cannot contact them right now, so I have a question..

This past week Gibson has been sneezing a lot and the past two days he has had a runny nose and has eye discharge (either clear or kind of yellowish). He has also been having at least one reverse sneeze attack a day (the past few days..and it has been at 6am each day) and he usually only has those once a month or so. Also, I use a martingale collar, and he has been choking during normal walks with it if he pulls to hard in a direction, which he never does. The weather is warming up and most people are sneezing and having their spring allergies come on. Could this be happening for Gibson too? Or does it sound more serious? He is playing/eating/sleeping and doing everything else normally. He seems the worst in the morning (in fact I do not notice it most of the rest of the day..usually not until night time). Any advice? I would really appreciate it as I am starting to be a crazy worrying mom :)

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Sounds like allergies to me, but, I am not vet. Has anything changed recently in your house? New cleaning detergent? New covers on the bedroom? New perfume? New house odor refresher like glaze, fabreeze? A/C filter changed? Or is it outside? Any new plants in your garden? In the area where Gibson goes potty or walking? New food? Pollen in the air?

I think, as long as he is his usual self is nothing to worry about. If he is ok, today check tomorrow with your vet. Good luck!! Hopefully this will pass very soon. Take care.
Nothing has really changed, besides the huge rain storm we had last weekend & the fact that all the snow is finally gone. He has been able to stay outside longer and sniff around more. He is obsessed with sniffing every inch of ground if there is something new in the air, I can see why he would have allergies. I forgot to mention that he sometimes snorts he is sucking mucus up his nose & into his throat..
First I would attempt to take his temperature. Most dogs are pretty accepting of this. Use a thermometer. A little vaseline may make this more comfortable for your pal. Yes, you must do it rectally. Temp should be between 100 and 101. If it is higher it is likely that he has something beyond allergies. I have to say I generally have not seen all of the symptoms you speak of as an allergy issue. Probably more likely that he may have kennel cough. This is highly contagious and dogs that are around groups of other dogs are at risk. While many do vaccinate for it (bordatella) this only covers about 10% of the most common strains. Good news that he is eating and drinking well. I would call your vet in the morning. Hope Gibson is feeling better soon.
He actually just had the bordatella vaccine (intranasal) a few weeks ago because we went to a corgi meetup last weekend (they required it for all dogs there). Do you think it could have not kicked in yet? His temperature seems fine, but I will try to find a thermometer and actually take it. Thanks for the advice :)
It's good that Gibson is acting normally-it sounds like an upper respitory thing-take him to the vet tomorrow and get it checked out- or he could have inhaled something that's caught in the nasal passage-has he been around a dog park or there may be a sick stray that's been around and your guy may have picked up something from it in your neighborhood.
Sidney had a bout of allergies last year. It sounds just like what you are describing. It went away on it's own in a week or so. Some people here suggested Bendryl to help, but definitely see your vet first and see what he/she recommends.
He started coughing really bad yesterday and was coughing up spit. Ugh. He has an appointment at 2 today.. I hope it isnt anything too serious :(

I went to the vets website to get their phone number and there is a little blurb about a rise of Canine flu..should not have read that :(
Aaw, Kelly, I'm sure Gibby is ok! He might just have a cold or sinus infection from the allergies. My boyfriend's dog have been exhibiting the same symptoms sans coughing--and his dog is allergic to almost the same things as me and I'm miserable!

I'm hoping it's just allergies, but not a food allergy as no one should be subjected to that madness. *HUGS* keep us updated.
Update: The symptoms seemed like an infection to my vet, so he is on antibiotics now and doing a little better.
Aww poor boy, I hope he feels better soon. Poor boy, maybe it was a cold like you thought.
Glad to hear it's nothing serious. Get well soon Gibson!!


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