I am a runner who hasn't run in a year (I decided to take the year off) but I'm itching to start again.  I think our corgi Floyd would benefit from the exercise as well but I'm wondering if other corgi owners do this.  I just don't know if he'll run as well as some other breeds.  I would be interested in any tips or tricks anyone has.  I want to be able to enjoy my run and have him get some exercise at the same time. 

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I know there are some on here who do!
My neighbor down the block used to have a corgi that he ran with all the time. And he ran FAST....the corgi kept up the whole time. I'm pretty sure they'd go pretty far too. I can't see Seanna doing that, or me for that fact, but I know they ran all the time and the corgi never seemed to be hating it.
I don't run with Frosty yet (still too out of shape for that! lol!), but we do use a laser pointer to run Frosty at night and wear him out before bed. He can go full speed for easily 15 minutes, so I would have to imagine that your corgi probably isn't going to have a hard time keeping up with you. Every dog is different and the best solution would be to just take him out running and see how he does. You will be able to tell if it is too much for him. Frosty loves to run every where, all the time.
There was a week long period about 2 years ago when I ran everyday with Ein. By the end of the week, if I even looked at my running shoes, he would get all excited. I'm trying to get my husband to run with him, but so far no luck :( Ein LOVES running! As for if it's medically ok for healthy corgis to run, I dont see why not. If there is any existing medical conditions, I would ask your vet.
Lily runs in the Treadmill with me =)
My husband runs, and I did for a while. We both ran with Edison, off and on, for a year, and here's what we learned:

1) The main limitation is fur. Corgis have a lot of it, and Edison doesn't run comfortably (for more than a half mile) until the weather drops below 60 degrees out. One solution for us, since we run near a river, is to stop half way and let him get a swim. That helps a lot. :) On the upside, they don't notice the cold until it gets to 10 degrees below zero, in Farenheit!

2) Edison does a 3 minute mile at top speed (we clocked him chasing our car down a private road), but the truth is, corgis are going to be slower/have less endurance than many of the bigger breeds. I think it's because they run differently, scrunching up their entire bodies like rabbits. My husband had to build up Edison's endurance before he could do more than 4 miles without getting seriously tired (and when a corgi does not want to go, they can *really* plant their little paws). I recommend testing Floyd on a few shorter runs before trying anything serious.

3) Expect to stop a lot in the first 1/2 mile, and bring at least three bags. And lots of treats. And water- if you need water, so does the corgi. But if you do heeling practice (a must, if you're running in the city as we do) it's pretty easy to get them to run alongside, and of course, they're herders and are born to run- they just need practice doing it your way. :)

4) It's loads of fun! I'm a terrible runner, but having Edison along always made everything better and kept my attention focused on something other than muscular distress. If you're a good runner, it's even better- my husband came back one day, telling me that he and Edison had overtaken a guy who was running with two huskies. The huskies strained at their leashes, quite unhappy at being smoked by a *corgi*. :D

I have observed our dogs (esp. Al) get sore feet from loose dry sand (beach, desert road) or wet spring snow (running fast after skiers).  It gets between their pads and irritates the soft skin at edge of the pads, pink, look for this.  I may try Mushers' Secret.

Ella loves to run, but she's more of a sprinter. She'll run very fast for 20 ft, stop, repeat. Jogging is more of her style.
Just work slow with Floyd and see what he likes.
Noodles and I go jogging every day. He does better when he isn't on the leash, but since that can't always happen, I end up dragging him. If he is off the leash, he will keep up with me, race me or it gives him time to stop and smell the roses. We sprint from time to time as well, but really it is more of a jog and we do about 2.5 miles a day (rain, shine, snow, ice, wind, hail, etc.). He looks forward to his 2 jogs a day and he gets very excited when it is time to go to the "park". Good luck, have fun and bring poop bags (smile).
Ella and I do a 6 mile beach run each morning around 5 or 6 am. She loves it (other than the water) and does a really good job of keeping up. I recommend building up to whatever distance you are going to be running though. When we first started we could only go about .5 miles before she needed a rest. Now we usually run 2-3 miles then take a break. I run an 18 minute 3 mile and Ella has no problems keeping up with me. Be careful though. Ella won;t let me know she is tired. I have to keep an eye on her. She has run her paws raw before. Now that her pads have toughened up it isn't an issue but until they do it is best to take breaks and check the pads and in between the toes. After we get done I rub Ella's pads with Bag Balm. Any sort of foot cream will work though. It helps keep the pads from cracking and bleeding.
Kirbs and I go for a run in the morning, although I don't know if it actually counts. We don't go far AT ALL. I'm trying to build myself up to go further, but Kirbs is usually itching to keep going. She gets ahead of me, stops, looks back, like "Come on slow poke!" It's definitely more fun to run with Kirbs than solo.
Hi there. Quixote loves to run with me, she lasts as long as she doesnt get distracted lol. Shes still a puppy though so im sure the distraction part will ease up with age. She loves to try to race me. She tries to run faster and faster than me. Only thing u have to look out for is that they dont try to herd you when you run. Which quixote has tried to do a few times.


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