Does anyone elses corgis sleep on their backs with their feet in the air?

Both of my corgis (Bella and Sparky) frequently sleep on their backs feet straight up in the air. And sometimes at very awkward angles, that can not be comfortable, haha but they get really into it... Case in point Bella snores :) I'm just curious to know if anyone else has a corgi that is this goofy

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xD I love all these pics! Thought I'd add mine too, Yumi loves sleeping in the most awkward positions, especially when she's in her crate or in my lap! This pic was taken about 3 months after we got her, she was all stretched out and comfy on my bed, lol. She snores too, most of the time it's not very loud, but it seems when she's dreaming about something she snores louder! I'll see her little feet start twitching like she's running after something and her low little snores start getting louder until they're almost barks. It's so funny and adorable!
Both Coco and Dino sleep with the feet in the air. They must like the fan blowing on the belly....
All three of mine do, but especially Annie.  I think it's her preferred position.  Shameless!  LOLOL.  I know all dogs love to sleep, but I don't think any of them can sleep as professionally and with such joy as corgis can.
Especially if Poopie is in bed with us (occasional treat) he squirms around until he is on his back in his "airing it out" position. Or even just as a getting attention maneuver.
or at play
My five month old Corgi sleeps like this, usually. It's so cute, especially when he dreams and his little paws flap around!
Never known a corgi who didn't sleep like that sometimes.Here's Our Keri.Her favorite way to wait while I'm on the computer:)
I have NEVER seen my corgi sleep like that!!!
hahaha  oh yeah its the cutest site ever!!
In fact, Lucy is sleeping just like this right now. And she does snore sometimes, but not loud. I have found this position so entertaining! I figure it has to be comfortable for her--she wouldn't exactly put up with any kind the discomfort, the princess that she is!


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