Baden does this weird but adorable thing and i want to know if your corgis do it as well and what it means. whenever i come back from going to the gym in the morning Baden will grab one of his bones that he will ONLY chew if i am there and run to the spot where i do my sit ups in morning. he wraps around my head and will chew it until im done. its weird but cute and i dont get why he only chews his bones when im home, same thing for eating his regular meals. when i had a job he would wait until i got home so he would sit there and wait for 8 hours (also for kongs)

why does he do this?

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Wally loves his raw hide bones and likes to chew them on the front entrance carpet.

That's where he's been having all of his treats since he was a pup.   So when he's having a good chew moment and we're watching TV, he likes to pick it up and fling it across the living room, making a hell of a noise.    It makes us laugh cause he's having a ball and after a few throw he goes back on the carpet with it.

It's like he just want to show us where he is on the chewing part as he has a heavy chewing instinct and each one of them is like a challenge...    :)   Even the Big One we bought at Costco for Xmas is over 50% done.

My gosh!  Jeli will eat anything, anywhere, anytime.  You never have to ask her twice!  I'd probably rush her to the vet thinking she was ill if I saw she didn't eat her food all day while I was gone.  LOL

Jeff does this, for the most part. I leave him frozen kongs, which he will chew on all day long. However, I leave bones and other chew toys for when the kong runs out, and those are always in the same spot when I get home from work. Just the other day I left carrots for a snack, and when I came home he instantly picked up the carrots to eat with me :) 

His trainer just told me he is a very people-centric dog. 

I love to read everyone's replies. U all have cute stories to share which is why I love this site so much lol glad hear Baden isn't the only one :)

Appa only eats a little when I or my husband are home (separately), then when the other gets home she'll go and finish her bowl. I think it's weird too and have never seen a dog do that before. Interesting to know another corgi does something similar :)


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