Or is Jon Farleigh just obscenely lazy? :)  He never eats standing up. (Dewi stands up about 60% of the time.)  I have assumed this is a Corgi thing, but am now beginning to wonder...

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The pictures are awesome:))) My Milly is definitely a stander. I don't think she can eat or drink anything while sitting. She drops her bum to get a cookie but springs right back up to chew,lol.
Soffie lies down while she eats..... and savors every bite!! Griffyn on the other hand, gobbles his food up so fast he hasn't got time to lay down! : )
Aber always ate that way. He'd position himself so his stumpy front paws hugged the bowl and then proceeded to chow down. I always teased him that he was like a Roman emperor. He'd do that with the water bowl too. I always assumed it was just another aspect of his very lazy attitude. He's always been the biggest couch potato on the planet.
Sophie used to lay down when she ate when I first got her - she was 4 months old. She took her time and picked and it was not big deal. Now though - she is ready for her food and eats standing up! She doesn't inhale it - but she always eats steady until she licks the bowl clean! These are such cute pictures - your dogs seem to be very food comfie - sweet!
Yeah, they have been eating together very cozily the last few weeks. It hasn't always been this way though - Jon used to have serious resource guarding issues and would not let Dewi eat unless I put Dewi's bowl on the other side of the room.
This is weird and adorable!
Shiro could eat upside down if he had to, but he prefers to stand up, that way he won't miss a thing and won't spend more than half a minute eating his food.
Jon could so easily be my Nimh's twin! Anyways, Teri, one of my females, eats lying down about half the time... Maybe it's kinda like having breakfast in bed!
Yes, the resemblance it kind of uncanny! I guess since Nimh's a rescue, we'll never know whether they're related.
Luna was eating at my mom's this way and she thought it was the most hilarious thing and took a picture. Luna noticed, and stood up, but still had one leg sticking out in back. Sorry for the bad quality, as it was taken with a cell phone.

Oh my, what a silly girl!
I got a better picture today with her licking the floor in front of the bowls. Silly Luna!

Søren sits to eat and drink. That doesn't stop him from inhaling the kibble though!


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