Okay, so my Pembroke Foxy seriously thinks that she is human. I read all about the common characteristics of Corgis a lot and she clearly isn't normal. She is very sweet and playful sometimes, but the majority of the time shes hanging out with my boyfriend and I or watching TV. She doesn't like to go outside, she gets an attitude when we arent giving her ALL of the attention, she even makes this howl like noise if we take a break from rubbing or petting her. She is spoiled. When we have company (depending on who it is) she will pretty much roll her eyes and go to the bedroom until they leave. Like we are SO WRONG for having company over! It is CLEARLY noticable, because our friends call her anti-social lol. My parents even say that they have NEVER seen a dog act like Foxy.

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A friend of mine, owner of 3 corgis says with love that "corgi's are little sh*ts! LOL
They think everything and everyone belongs to them!
When I walk my Rogue outside, and she sees someone walking their dog, she usually goes beserk with barking and running back and forth. If the other person is then brave enough to bring their dog closing to my little maniac, Rogue gives the other dog a cursory butt sniff and then wants to visit with the person more than the dog. So yes, my corgi thinks she's human. She enjoys the company of humans more than dogs, especially when there's human food involved. She stakes out her place on the bed, especially if the electric blanket is on. If you plop down on the sofa to watch tv, she will either join you, or monopolize the other sofa.
On the contrary, I think Yoda thinks all human are dogs too. He always get behind me and jump on me. I seriously think he wants to sniff my butt.
get on all 4 and see what he's going to do. Shiro is usually in my face more than anything else.
Lol, All of these things sound like Foxy! This is hilarious!


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