It was hot here yesterday and I decided to buy a new swimming pool on the way home! I put my 4 month old Sage in it and after the 1st time  she now is climbing in and loving the water! She's never had a bath so I don't know if she'll like that but a pool is the greatest!

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we took pippin on a canoe trip when he was like 4 months old and it was all i could do to keep him in the boat.. the bugger kept jumping off of the bow... (front) since then he has always loved baths or pools or ponds, even the ocean, no body of water is too much for my pippin
I always kept Wynn close to me in the canoe...I was afraid he would jump too!
Both Soffie and Griffyn are swimmers. But I think Soffie really enjoys it ..... and Griffyn just tags along!


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