I agree fully with John Wolff

This is in more than one part

We do ours differently. We had our first corgi at 16 months and you couldn't near her claws, somebody could have frightened her, we just just don't know. It had to be done so three of us held her, that couldn't continue so next time we had her drugged by the vet. That was easy since then we have used a big cordless electric drill with a circular grinder in. Now we can do her claws without any problems. We have had her nearly 3 years. Buttons still doesn't like clippers although they get used on her dew claws.


Her puppies were done as very small pups with very small scissors, we now use clippers we bought from a dealer at Windsor CC show but I am sure you can get them on the internet. They are made by Classic pet products and I wouldn't use anything else.

We did use a pair with the loop in the top but they are difficult to use and the blade is indiscriminate, it moves from side to side and you can hurt the dog. The dog will fidget and you loose the place and because of the design it is difficult to see the correct place to cut. This tool doesn't get used at all now.

Our puppies now 16 months themselves are held by my wife or they go upside down. Be everso carefull not to cut below the quick. When we first had buttons I would draw a line on the claw and then grind down to it. I hold the pad in one palm and then apply pressure with the thumb this spreads the fingers so as they are splayed one above the other. Practice will make purfect. You can then cut each claw and with our Michael I can do it clic clic clic.


You must be able to see what you are doing and natural sunlight is the best. We go and help an elderly corgi owner out, we place her grooming table on the patio and put the dog on it. Sometimes I wear two pairs of glasses so as I don't make any mistakes. Hers are great corgis and we never have any problems.

I have seen a past corgi breeder really make a dog bleed by cutting too deep. Be carefull, they are your best friend.


We only use one pair of scissors for cutting the fur between the pads


One thing to realise is that in one litter, say of eight pups, you get the laid back ones and the highly strung ones. The best for showing are the laid back ones, (unless they are a fluff or mismarked) the highly strung ones can get sold.


One great book which can be bought on American Amazon for a song is Deborah Sergeants. The Complete Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and The New Complete Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This book will tell you everything you need to know.


Hope this helps you



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When i read posts like this, I'm SO thankful that my 3 corgis never have to have their nails done. They are outside all day and wear them down. Whenever we go to the vet, I ask him to check the nails and he always says, active dogs--no need to clip!

I really admire you corgi owners that attend to this. It sounds like a complicated job!

Thanks for the response. You can be lucky on what line of Corgi you have. We have one pup we breed from a Salvinek mating  (we only had one in the litter) She never needs her claws doing except for the dew claws. Its all to do with the formation of the legs, whether which bone is longer than another. She walks in such a way that the nails are worn down.

Another Junior we have out of the same bitch, different dog does not wear his claws down and yet walks exactly the same distance. This corgi has long elegant claws, but need attending to with clippers.

It can also be the amount of calcium the dog produces.


Lets face it we are all different.

Ruby has her's done by the vets, she gets plenty of walks on hard surfaces but her nails do not wear down.
When I read posts about clipping nails I feel bad for a lot of people who have trouble with with it. I am so thankful that Teddy dosnt mind at all about getting his nails trimmed. I show him the clippers and the pedi paws and he goes to the middle of the floor and lays down as he knows what I am about to do. He is calm all through it and sometimes falls asleep he is so relaxed but if course once its done he knows he will be getting a ton of treats;) the people that we got him from clipped his nails at a young age and made it happy for him. I continued that after I brought him home and I have never had a problem


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