Hi everyone! We're having problems with our Pembroke Tobi and our Min Pin Jack. Tobi attacks him frequently and at first it seemed playful, but not anymore. They're scruffs go up on the back of their necks and Tobi gets really scary- showing teeth and growling. This happens whenever Jack comes upstairs into our bedroom and when he comes near me. Tobi attacked him before and Jack started crying loudly and I grabbed Tobi off of him and put him in time out. Jack's neck was all wet so we know Tobi was biting him hard. How can we fix this? Its getting scary.

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whats going on is tobi thinks he owens you. he is your boss. you are not the pack leader he is

you need to get him to understand that you are in charge. when you walk your dogs do they walk

along side you or ahead of you. you need to make them walk along side . that would be a start with toby

when ever he starts a fight with your other dog put him on a time out in the same room.find a spot were you can see him a make him stay there. he needs to know you are in charge do not let him move till you want him to move

A leash especially during times that you know will be a trigger (as with bedtime) will really help. You also may want to google Nothing In Life Is Free to check out methods to help Tobi get a grip on where his proper placement in the family is. I always consider myself as the one who decides if a play session needs to stop. I had to leash Sparty for months at bedtime because when we adopted the doberman Sparty did not want her in our bedroom at night. We currently have a truce but It is still a little tense. Fortunately Misty the dobe does not try to fight back. Since the one being picked on is much smaller, I would take action quickly for his protection. Tobi should be able to quit when you tell him too.
Hi Leah,#3
You really need to get a trainer for Tobi. I know previously you have said money is tight, but in the end it will save you money if you get a trainer NOW. Tobi sounds like a handful even for a seasoned corgi owner. It is not unreasonable to guess that a vet bill from a dogfight can be upwards of $600-$1000+. Get a trainer now, and avoid those vet bills. Even if it's just a one time in home training session to show you the appropriate ways to correct Tobi and you can try to do the rest or join an obedience class after that. If you really truly and honestly can't afford a trainer then this may be one of those situations where you should work with a corgi rescue in your area and consider finding Tobi a new home now before he causes some serious injuries to Jack. Sometimes the best thing you can do for a rescue is remove it from a bad situation and then find it a suitable home that has the time and skills to turn it into a good citizen. You may not be in a place in your life right now where you can take on another dog, especially one with so many training issues. You've already done Tobi a great favor by removing him from his old living situation, now it may be time for somebody else to take over and get him socialized and trained.


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