im having bit of trouble with finding a good that isnt going to cost me a fortune and is of good quality. over the past few months i have really been paying attention to the rise of dog food that u see in pet stores. i used to feed baden wellness but now for a 15pound bag its $38! im not going to spend that much so i switched to blue buffalo as the 15pund bag was only $29 but now its $36 -__- i have been looking around the whole store for something that was good food but with in my spending budget and came across merrick dog food called whole farms only $13 for a 6pound bag really good food BUT baden hates it. its a food i can afford and has good ingredients but  wont eat it. im talking going two days with out eating it until he cant take it anymore and will eat so slowly spitting it out and then giving into eating it, it makes me feel so bad.

does anyone know of a site or store that sells good dog food for a decent price? he dosnt like chicken or fish and he is allergic to corn so i have no choice but to feed the higher quality foods. 

thank you

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We feed our Corg Orijen, which isn't cheap at all, but awesome! Some of the cheapest premium dog foods I've found is Taste of the Wild, Nutrisca, Fromms, and shockingly enough Kirkland brand Lamb and Veggies (you get it at Costco and is really cheap, but gets a 4 star rating on Dog Food Advisor). Hope that helps!

thank you for some suggestions! i looked up the brands and you are right they seem to be the cheapest but are a good food. i love the dog food advisor they have really good info!

 After help from the folks here,and because Gwen was displaying allergic reactions I switched her to 4Health. The grain free. It's only sold at Tractor Supply it's their version of Taste of the Wild (same ingredients) though you get five more pounds for quite a bit less.

The TOTW was 47.99 for a 30lb. bag.

The 4Health was 36.99 for 35 lb bag

We too are on a budget,but as I was told because it's not got all the crap in it you feed less.

I looked up and  saw they have several different flavours, including turkey,lamb and beef.

Gwen's done really well on it.No itching,her coat is wonderful,weight is good.

We're happy with it.

thats a good suggestion. i didnt know that tractor supply sold dog food (never been in there except when i was a kid) i think i will go and take a look as it seems u get a lot more food for your money 

TSC has a few brands that are grain free. 4health is the store brand and I've used it to great success with my Aussie mix puppy. She always had a shiny, beautiful coat. They are also very helpful (my store at least) and I would go in there, tell them what you need from a dog food and have them help you find it.

I have heard really good things about 4Health and was just about to mention it but Kat already has! It is worth a try. :)

I have been using Avoderm Lamb and Brown Rice for 15 years and seen the prices go up and the amounts in the bags go down, a common practice.  Since all my animals have done well on it from young ones and into old age, I've stuck with it.  I always buy the largest size (now only 26 Lbs) and keep it in a closed container.  Lately I had trouble finding it, plus we travel, so now I order it from, it comes in 2 days and the price includes shipping on that size.  If you look at Wag. com they have lots of brands and give the price per pound on the various sizes.  I get my cat food and cat litter there too, conveniently delivered to my door....  Good luck in your search.  


thank you so much for the website. this site has the cheapest prices online. i have heard of this food and seen a 6pound bag for $13 which isnt bad at all but i seen that it has avocados are in it and heard that they are poisonous?

Avocados aren't poisonous.  Their seeds are.  It's rather like the leaves of rhubarb being poisonous, while the stems are completely edible.   Hope that helps.

Taste of the Wild is what I have settled on. Once you move to Sacramento :-) you can buy it at Pet Club for $40 for a 30 pound bag, this bag lasts me forever. He loves the food and does really well on it so if you can find it or a Pet Club or Tractor Supply close by I'd look into this food.

4Health is essentially the Tractor Supply brand of TOTW. My parents switched their dog from TOTW to 4Health and he began itching (he has food allergies) and when they switched him back it went away, so they aren't EXACTLY the same but I think they are close enough for a pup with no food allergies. I may actually end up switching to this once we move because I won't have a Pet Club close and its cheaper than TOTW at Tractor Supply.

i see a lot of dogs are on this food and they have a huge selection on flavors for dogs. the wild boar looks like an interesting choice to try for baden :)

We are switching Brody to Acana. So far so good! We had him on Taste of the Wild (High Prairie) and he was doing great on it. I just found out info on the company though and chose to switch. Acana is by the same company as Orijen but they have a little lower protein levels--which, for my pup--works with his tummy! The 5lb bag is around $20 not sure what the larger bags are. I always get smaller bags just because they go bad after you open them. Good luck with your search!


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