So does anybody have any recommendations for a nice Pet ID tag? Something standard is always cool and at the same time I'd still like something a little bit different. I see myself buying a few tags like I've bought a few collars ....yea... a few

One site that I did find is a guy who makes custom etched and stamped pieces and if you don't see something in his collection that you like, he will design something for you! Not sure which I'm learning towards on his site, but the Welsh Dragon on the very last page does have its appeal for a corgi.

Check out his awesome designs!

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OMG, I love these! Thank you for posting about them!

I wonder how well they hold up? I've stopped putting both the rabies tag and the ID tag on dog collars, because the jingle-bells effect makes me nuts. Unlike my old Ger-shep, these little dogs are unlikely to try to remove a neighbor's foot, and so I feel like it's not necessary to have proof of rabies vaccination on hand every single minute -- in a drawer will suffice. But it sure is nice to have a name and phone number on the collar.

But the lettering on ones that come from those PetSmart machines or that you custom-order from the vet (which interestingly look exactly like the ones you stamp in the coin machine...) seem to wear down quickly, and within a few months they're illegible. These look a lot sturdier! Besides being cool to the nth degree.

I'd get the kind that rivets onto the collar so my dog doesn't have to carry that rattling thing around all its life.  I'd have my phone # on it (I've returned or checked on 3 dogs this way in the backcountry).  Maybe the microchip phone# or ID. 

I'd make the tags as small and light as possible, ditto the collar.  Rivet-on tags are a bit more work, but don't be afraid of it; all it takes is a hammer and some sort on anvil (sear a hole through the nylon with a hot poker of some sort so it doesn't fray).  I like my slip-on modified Martingales (they don't wear the collars indoors):

collar FAQ

Love these tags! Like Vicky, I don't keep the rabies tag on Jeli anymore because of the jingle and the wear on the tags.

@ John. What is the modified martingale? Just that you have the ID riveted to it? Any chance you have a picture of it?

I like Lucky Pet tags and have used them for years:) They have slip on the collar ID's, glow in the dark(which I really like), metal, plastic and plainer but fancy ones. They last forever unless the dog chews on them!!!!


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