Just wondering if anyone can recommend a source to buy name tags for my corgis' collars that don't stain the white fur around their necks. Thanks for any recommendations.

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They sound like the plastic ones at Boomerangtags.com.

Check this link... http://www.boomerangtags.com/store/list.php?A=G&ID=2&k=h


Now if Dennis could come up with a Corgi shaped tag, he would have something unique!


lucky pet.com also has the plastic ones and they are great  They also have many of the others talked about here BUT if the connecting piece isn't stainless steel it wil;l still cause gray fur:( All you need to do is get a smaller circle key chain ring and use that instead of the type you close with a pliers!

I'm going to buy from boomerang. Lots of good recommendation and doesn't require "assembly." Check out http://www.boomerangtags.com/store/?A=S&ID=28 with the plastic snap rather than a metal ring. The link I included may be too small a collar length. Sorry, I was just too lazy to find the medium size one. But it gives you the idea of no metal touching the fur. Talk about lazy, I posted this in August and still have decided! I do hate shopping, even for dog collars. LOL.

I get wonderful tags on e-bay.  Ruffaw is the seller...based in Seattle.  One side is sparkly crystals (you choose the colors) and the other side is custom printing.  I have my dog's name, my cell number and "chipped".  The tags don't clank like other tags tend to do (the noise makes me crazy, don't know how dogs put up with it!).  My guilty pleasure is tags that match his collars.  My favorite is a black and white houndstooth collar with a black and white rhinestone tag.  Anyway, I highly recommend them...they're very durable.

I am enjoying the Orvis brown leather collars w/ brass nameplates. It's a great look, although the brass hinges  discolor their neck a tad; it's really not that bad. I do love that they don't clank and dangle. We are a picky group, aren't we, haha. That's probably why we all picked Corgis or they picked us!

Stainless steel tag AND ring.  Keep your tags as small and few as possible; the dog has to lug that rattletrap stuff around all its life.  The rattling would drive me nuts.

We got our tiny tags at this Seattle company.  I highly recommend the rivet-on tags that don't rattle or dangle.   To install these, I would:

1)  Mark the tag holes with a Sharpie pen.

2)  Melt a small hole through the nylon collar with a hot nail (melting the nylon prevents unravelling).  A leather collar might require a leather punch.

3)  Assemble tag, rivets, collar, and bend rivet flanges with a needle-nose pliers.

4)  Hammer the rivet prongs flat, using cardboard to protect the tag surface.

We have nothing but our phone #s on the tags.  I might get new ones that include the Home Again phone #:



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