We're looking for a used, reasonably priced doggy cart for our 11-year old female Corgie.  She's losing the use of her right hind leg.  Cortisone injections, chiro treatments, medications, etc. are not helping.  Would like to hear from anyone who has used these carts - the success stories, the failures, how long were they used before they were no longer useful.  We want to give our girl the best care we can.  It hurts to even see her have to get the injections, because we know they are painful, and are only lasting 2 weeks.    

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I'm pretty sure if you go to the Corgi-Aid website they have a cart loan out or maybe rent section for corgi's with this need. also I think in the daily blog (up top) the Tsang's posted a story of a vet tech in Texas's selling home-made carts for a resonable price...good luck
xI thought Corgi-Aid was just for people with rescue corgis. Am I wrong? I checked it out since we're getting Aber a cart and I couldn't tell that they would help you unless you had rescued a dog.

Eddie's Wheels has custom made carts for around $365, so it's not so terribly pricey (not as much as I'd feared, anyway) to get one made especially for your dog. This seems to be rather important for chafing and rubbing considerations.
It is possible that CorgiAid may be able to loan a cart, if one is available, to a corgi-owner who requests assistance. We ask that you pay the cost of shipping the cart to you and of returning it to CorgiAid, and ask for a deposit of $50-$100, refundable upon return of the cart. We also ask that you send us a photo of your dog using the cart which may be used on the CorgiAid website. Please fill out and submit an application. If you have any problems with the application or if you have questions please email carts@corgiaid.org.

Cart program link here
We haven't used one before but the lady two houses down from my parents house has three corgis and one is a mechanical dog ;) They got it for him two years ago and he's still doing great with it. Doesn't act like anythings wrong and mama has the advantage now by putting her foot in front of the wheel if she doesn't want him to chase something lol.

From what she told me and what I saw during my visits is it was a medium speed for him to get used to it. Was slow at first but after a while it was part of his body basically.

After walks all she has to do is wipe his little bum with a baby wipe and they're fine. Clean off the mud from the wheels every now and then. The usual upkeep.

If you would like I can ask them what brand they got for him when I visit next. I'm sure someone else will post with some brands though later on.
Check out HanidcappedPets.com--they have a section that people post used carts, or you can buy a new one...Sorry about your little girl...It's hard to see them suffering. I got a rear harness lift for my Newfoundland when he could no longer walk good, and I was happy with the service I got.
My childhood corgi lost use of his back legs for the last year of his life. We have carpeting so in the house he would just drag his hind end around, but for going outside we got him a cart. We used: http://www.dogstogo.net/. They are a smaller company that is very affordable. They are also made out of pvc pipe which is very easy to trim down if adjustments are needed. For us, these adjustments were minor, since the company asks for multiple measurements and the breed and makes the cart just for your dog. It was very easy to put on after a little practice and only took Cody a few days to figure out. Although, he would occasionally tip it over by trying to go up the patio stairs when we weren't watching. Our main issue was that the strap that goes under his belly pressed on his "manly bits" and it would make it hard for him to pee, but since you have a female you wouldn't have an issue. I think this cart really helped Cody enjoy the last year of his life. Mobility is so important to these little busy bodies, so I am glad you are trying all you can to keep your girl happy and mobile.
Thank you so much for the information and web site. We definately will be looking in to this!
Check out Carol Rea's blog. She asked a similar question.
It might also be helpful. :)
Check out and Join this Yahoo group - http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/wheelcorgis/

Lots of good info...
Here's info to Corgiaid Cart Program
I want to thank everyone who has responded - you all have given me hope. We'll be looking into all the information provided.
Sharon - was your little girl diagnosed with DM? My little guy (12 years old) is just starting to drag his back let and we think that is what it is. The vet said it's not Dysplasia but said they could do a CT Scan and a dye injection in his spinal cord but does not recommend doing that unless we want to do the surgery. At 12 years old, they said the surgery is pretty hard on the dogs and there is no guarantee he will be better for it.

Just wanted to see what you have experienced.


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