Today is Boo's second visit to doggy day care. Yesterday was her first and needless to say it was much harder on me than it was on her. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this but it was definitely like leaving a child behind.

She is a timid dog, especially when it comes to strangers so we thought that putting her in day care a couple days a week would really benefit her by giving her social interactions with the handlers and with the other dogs. Yesterday she seemed so nervous and her anxiety level was pretty high that it just killed me to have to leave her there, but I knew that eventually she will start to associate the day care with fun and love it. But it was definitely hard on this mama and tears were shed...

Day two was much easier and Boo is already getting more comfortable in her new setting! Just curious if anyone else out there has had similar experiences and if their corgis like doggy day care??



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Jake seems to like day care (or as my sister calls it, "same species play time")... they have a webcam, so I can sometimes spot him when he's in camera range.  A lot of times he just lays down and lets all the other dogs run around, and other times he participates more, usually one-on-one with another dog.  He never seems stressed when I pick him up, but he's definitely more tired than if he had been at home the whole time.  I think it gives him a nice break from staying at home with the cats while I'm at work!

Bogart will try doggy daycare next week while his "dad" is out of town.  I toured the facility and it is a run free 5-acre dog "paradise" near our home. Bogart loves other dogs and will have a ball, I'm not worried.

It was surprising how much easier the 2nd day was! When I went to pick her up the lead trainer said that she did great and can now move up to full days. I know that this will be great for her it was just definitely harder on me than I thought it was going to be. I'm so happy that she is fitting in and making new friends though!

Kaylee loves daycare! She's good on the lead but when we arrive at daycare age pulls with all her might and is obviously super happy. From pictures the staff takes, she just runs and wrestles all day. Needless to say, she is super tired at night. We've found that two days in a row is too much for her and she can get sick/dehydrated.
It was much harder on me at first too. We kept her stays there to half days at first, but now (6 months later) daycare is a great help for keeping our puppy healthy and tired.

Thank you! I dont think we will be doing two days in a row either.

Butler & Redford go to daycare when we have to leave town.  Just like Kaylee, they pull when we get out of the car.  On the webcam, Butler is always running around with another dog.  I worry about Redford because sometimes he gets grumpy and tries to be the fun police.  But,their "report cards" always say that they played well, ate well, slept well and pooped well.  They're always ready to go to bed on the days they come back, so we keep going back.


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