I know that for a human to gain one pound it's 3500 calories, but is it the same for dogs? I have a dog who I'm trying to get to lose weight, and despite cutting out his food intake by a third of a cup, he's supposed to be 12 pounds, and he's went from 16 pounds to 18.

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how old, what exercise does he get and what kind of food? You can start by checking the calories and adding green beans to make him think he is full. Is the dog food corn based? I would say you are feeding way to much if he is  still gaining.
He is 2 years old, neutered, get's a fair bit of "play" exercise with Selphie, gets 4 short walks a day. The food he gets is a combination of Before Grains Buffalo and Nutro Ultra. I don't think I feed him too much, he gets 3/4 cup a day.
NO that doesn't sound unreasonable at all for food. I guess I would try the green beans and other veggies but maybe get some help from your vet? I don't know the foods but I think they are good ones! Wish I could help more!

yeah I would ask for advice from the vet. According to some of the basic weight calculators, a 12 pound dog with lower activity level should be getting 377 k/cals per day. I couldn't find the k/cals per cup of Nutro but for Before Grain Buffalo it was 383 k/cals so you are within the calorie limit according to that basic calculation. May be necessary to increase his exercise to long walks or fetch sessions or other activites that involve lots of running and play. It may be possible he has an underlying condition like hypothyroidism or cushings that are keeping him from losing any weight. What kind of dog is it? Super tiny corgi?

No, he's a chihuahua/yorkie/??? mix. The vet told us that 12 seemed about right for him, since the first couple of times she saw him he was 12 and she wrote on his sheets "excellent weight".


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