So the puppies are about 5 1/2 weeks old now and their teeth are as sharp as ever. They eat softened puppy chow now and drink water, but they still continue to feed from their mother.

I have noticed though that her nipples are starting to swell. is it because of puppies teeth? i see bite marks on her nipples everywhere and i feel bad.

should I separate her from the puppies until they become uninterested from feeding from her? 

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I would for a day or so, then maybe guide the momma to not let them.. Call her when you see them feeding on her, etc.

She should start to wean them on her own too, I believe but she is pretty young to be a momma.. Dunno if that factors in, but it may?

I'm sure someone else has better input :) Puppies are adorable.

OH no any input is very much appreciated =) but yeah i bring her out to use the bathroom and eat and stuff. but right when i bring her back their back on her like a pack of zombies lol. ill try taking her a way from them..or i might just put a shirt on her? lol.

but yeah they gettting cuter by the days...its going to be sad seeing them go = (

Is she able to get away from the puppies if she wants to?

if all of them latch on then she pretty much cant move

I meant does she have an area she can go to where the puppies can't reach her.

oh no she doesnt =/

Well I'm no breeding expert, but if you want her to wean them I think you need to provide an area for her that the puppies cannot get to. Otherwise separate them yourself for a couple hours at a time and just let her back in with them to nurse.

I actually put a laundry basket that she can jump into and which the puppies cant climb into. so i think now if she cant take it she can just hop in. Thanks for the input ^___^

You really should be letting her out away from them...honestly I feel kind of bad for your little girl. By this age she shouldn't be forced to be in with them 100% of the time and making her sit in a laundry basket just seems kind of mean to me. :(  When we went to see Luke at 5.5 weeks his dam was pretty much totally done with the puppies.

oh nonono i dont keep her in there the whole day. i leave her with them at night when we sleep, but for most of the day shes out and about with the ringo (the dad) 

As the puppies start to nurse less, the nipples will get "swollen" or engorged as the same amount of milk is being produced but less is being taken off creating an abundant supply while demand goes down.  It takes 2-3 days for the milk supply to re-regulate to it's lesser demand.  It can help to withhold the milk bar from the puppies for 24 hours to really send the signal to her mammary glands to slow down.  She will still be producing milk for them but not as much and will also make her more comfortable. 

In most breeds, the mothers will become prone to mastitis at the time of weaning as the inflamtion caused by abundant milk supply can create a mild infection but corgis rarely have this issue but should be monitored none the less.  The udder will naturally become tight but the skin will remain elastic, IF the udder feels lumpy and the skin does NOT bounce back when gently depressed you'll need to probably ask the vet about some antibiotics for mastitis.  It's not usually a serious issue in corgis. 

okay thank you! ok I'll probably keep her away for a day then. i just feel bad for her. she used to look soo happy nursing them...but nowadays she just looks sad = (


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