Linus seems to be adjusting to Lucy well. They play all the time and it's adorable. However, I noticed yesterday that he's started licking the insides of her ears. It's super cute, but should I be concerned that he's just going to town on the insides of her ears? It seems to be the end of every play session now, they snuggle a little and he licks the insides of her ears. It just seems really gross to me!

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Replies to This Discussion does inside the ear look? My Golden Retriever actually used to lick my other golden's ear whenever he had an ear infection. Maybe that is what he is doing or just grooming him? Not sure but check on his ear for extremely redness.

Check to see if there is a yeast infection in the ears.  I had a lab that would get  that and my corgi would lick at them.  It was one of the ways I knew I had to clean her ears and clear up the infection. 

Wynn used to do this to Mav (our Weimeraner mix). Mav had the cleanest ears on the planet and never had ear problems:) So for them I believe Wynn was just grooming him! Yes, he did this often!

I don't see/smell anything inside her ears. She is on antibiotics for the giardia, so I'd guess even if she had an infection it's being taken care of? She has a follow up vet appointment on the 7th, I'll ask them to look too. She doesn't appear to be in any sort of discomfort. I've read all sorts of stuff from infection to affection, so it's interesting to say the least!

Lilly cleans Brody's ears most mornings, his f\ace as well


So, at Lucy's recent vet checkup she tested positive for tapeworms again, and tested positive for coccidia, but the vet said she had the cleanest ears he had ever seen. lol! i told him about Linus licking the crap out of her ears and he laughed and said one of his dogs does it to the other all the time. I guess it's a fairly normal occurrence?

lance will clean tuckers ears quite frequently!! :)

Ever since I got my second dog, my dogs have been doing the same thing. They love to lick each other's ears and also around each other's mouths. As long as the ears look fine and there's no abnormal smell, I think it's just their way of playing with each other. Being mouth-y.

Emme, cleans Efan's ears all the time.  She also does his face for him too.


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