they are not dirty, not wet and she can hear. But loo has been shaking her head a lot lately. On the floor, on the couch and in bed. We have even trimmed some wiley hairs, thinking they were too long. She shakes two or three times and seems satisfied. Any ideas?

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Mites / fleas??? Clean out with the ear cleaning "kit"

I thought that too but thankfully she has never had fleas. She is a very healthy girl. I really think it is a hair issue but I do not know how much to cut
Hi stephanie, my chucky used to have a lot of ear problems, have you changed her food lately? Chucky's problem was food based, try a salmon based food,or perhaps lamb based,with chucky it was chicken based that was the problem,perhaps ear mites?Let us know how this shakes out.
same food for the whole year we have had her

Is there a funky, yeasty smell? Take a sniff, if so, most likely a yeast infection. Trip to the vet for drops.

nope, smells like a dog!

Try an over the counter ear wash from your vet or a pet store. Franklin used to have this issue and I'd rinse his ears and he'd be fine for a few weeks then he'd start shaking his head again periodically. The ear wash worked every time. She may also have something in there (like grass or a fox tail) and the ear wash will help flush it out if its not lodged in there.

Hi Stephanie,forgot to mention this but when chucky had his ear problem, there was a dark coloured residue in his ears. We used to be able to take a q-tip and gently wipe his ear and provide some relief for him, to do this we sought guidance from our vetenarian.hopefully yours is a much simpler problem.
I will try this tonight. Thanks everyone. I just want her to feel good!

instead of using q-tips I would use guaze pads, safer for cleaning the whole ear.  our vet showed us how to thread the guaze pad into the ear and then pull it out, so then its clean. 

The ear can also be dirty far inside where you can't see it. I have earwash from the vet for this. It could also be yeast.

So I went ear diving..and I'm probably the cause for the ear shaking..

when she first started to show signs of shaking, I cut her ear hairs.  While diving, I found a big piece of hair caked in wax (attached.)  I did find a small amount of black in her ear (as shown behind the flap), and I had a difficult time getting it out. I will still try the ear wash to make sure everything is out.


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