Is it necessary to buy it right away? Freya is at the Vet right now getting spayed. I think I heard that females don't really need it...what's your opinion about it?

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Here is my experience. when Lorenzo was neutered, we didn't use E-collar. Lorenzo did pretty well, the next day he was behaved normal already. but we only had one dog at that time. so when d'lilah got spayed, we didn't get e-collar in the first place as it drove Lorenzo crazy. however d'Lilah kept licking the wound and even swallowed a staple. well then the e-collar was on and I remembered the whole week, the goal of life for Lorenzo was to drag the collar out of d'Lilah's head. pretty funny to see though.:-)
Sounds pretty funny!
You can get one just in case and return it if unused. There are several choices, if you prefer the traditional kind, get the ones with a covered edge, it'll help the collar not get caught in the ground, other options are soft cones and air filled ones, you can get them all from petsmart or petco.
I got Nutty the donut- air filled one. It is MUCH more comfortable, and she could eat, and drink with it on. It's pricey though. She also ate one- so be careful that you put it on correctly, and use the collar straps so she can't get her mouth around it.
Dogs look so cute and ridiculous in those. I got one for Charlie, but thankfully she didn't need it. I put it on her once and she looked at me like "WHAT DID I DO WRONG TO DESERVE THIS?!"
I wondered about this when Gibson was neutered, but the vet didn't tell us that he needed one, so I just watched him closely to see if he messed with his stitches at all.. He didn't, so we did not end up getting one :)
Finnigan's Chryptorchid neuter was pretty much like having a spay and a neuter surgery at the same time (2 incisions). The vet said only 3% of the dogs he works on end up needing the collar so he didn't give us one which ended up being fine. Finn tried to investigate his wounds and we would let his sniff but if he tried to lick we told him to leave it and he would. We only had to do this a couple times and he then stopped trying. If you are unable to be home to watch her, you may want a collar just to make sure she doesn't lick while you're away otherwise you probably won't need it. Good luck!
I got one at SPCA where Chloe was spayed. A must! Petsmart had one that seemed a bit better, it looked more like a clown collar. We got worried with the e collar because it was moving her famous Corgi ears.
Apparently, not all Petsmart stores carry the inflatable e-collar that I was looking for. If Freya really needs it come Wednesday, than I'll call the other location and pick up the e-collar there. I really hope they have the inflatable one--she freaked out so bad with the cone.
When we got Ella fixed a few months ago, we didn't use the collar. The vet just said to keep an eye on her and to keep her from licking the stitches. She didn't really seem to care about the stitches, and only tried to lick them once or twice. But I've heard that if a dog is really lickie that the collars can help.
Petco carries the inflatable ones


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