Has anyone had experience with this with their corgi? Poor Oscar has been diagnosed with this and he now needs eye surgery. Any thoughts experiences or kind words would be helpful. This is the second serious issue Oscar has have to go through; the first being his epilepsy (which luckily has been controlled with a very minimal medications since June).

For those who have never heard of Ectopic Cilia here is some info:


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Poor baby! Will the surgery correct this so he doesn't need it again? I am glad to hear that he only has to have minimal meds for epilepsy also. I had a dog years ago with epilepsy.

Good luck and our thoughts are with you and Oscar! Is he having surgery soon? Let us know how he's doing!
We have to get the money together for the surgery, since he has it in both eyes the cost will be around $550. Once the surgery is completed there is a slight chance the hairs will grow back but it is rare.

I will be sure to keep you all posted about when he goes in for the surgery. I hope the end of this month if possible.

thank you for the luck, our little family needs it!
Yes, it's always a bummer when you have to come up with money for those unplanned things! But I'm glad it can be fixed!
my sister's retriver had to have both his eye's done for the cost of 1000.00 . He's much happeir now that his eyes aren't constantly irrattated. I will say that he look horrible post surgery since he had both eyes done at one time all those stiches looked like a franken doggy but the releif he has is priceless I'd say because he also seems to see better.
Melissa, so sorry to hear about Oscar. Good luck with the surgery.
Can't wait to see you in the spring!!
Keep us posted.
Nicole & Stewie
All the best to Oscar!


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