I just wanted to see what ideas people had when their dogs are having issues with allergies. My girlfriend and I have been trying to find ways to help Buddy with his itchy skin. We give him baths with Earthbath- Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera shampoo and he doesn't itch himself for a good two days. Once he's been outside longer, he gets little red bumps on his groin and belly. He also starts to lick and bite at his legs and back area. We don't think its flees cause he is on comfortis and comb check every time we get back inside. We don't think its food cause he is able to relax after a bath, but the whole itchy process starts again once we take him for a walk. We live in Florida and allergies are bad year round, so we were wondering if anyone is doing something that is working to stop their little buddies from getting itchy. Thanks for all the help. 

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Our vet told us to give Abbey a dose of benedryl every day for allergies.   We did.....and  it helped!  Use the liquid form of benedryl.

Our vet recommended that we give Abbey benedryl every day for allergies. WE DID....AND IT WORKED!   ( Use the liquid form, it is easier to give.) 

How long did it take for the Benadryl to work? We tried it for two weeks and he still got really itchy. 

Vet gave Murray Chlorpheniramine 4 mg. for seasonal allergies.  It's available over the counter from Walgreens as Wal-finate...dosage recommended was 1 1/2 twice a day.  It almost totally eliminated his itching.  Had tried Benadryl and it didn't work.  It's only about $6 a bottle....worth a try.

Hey Everyone,

I know its been a while, but we have found a way to deal with the allergy issues. It turns out it was the apartment that was making his skin itchy. Our new place has wooden floors instead of carpet and the itchy stopped after a week. I haven't seen him try to itch himself for a few months now. Im guessing the apartment carpet might've been treated with some chemicals that could've made his skin itchy. Thank you everyone for the advice. 

I use generic Benadryl for Max and I also add fish oil to his food.  I haven't tried the Calitin yet but I understand it works good.


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