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The ratio of the distances from nose to the two ears and between the ears is not equilateral.  FAIL.  We have to admit the facts.  This Corgi is not cute.  

The equilateral rule is only applicable from a head-on view with ears held in a relaxed, neutral position.  This Corgi may or may not be cute, the jury is out until a proper triangular analysis can be performed. ;3  In the meantime, all Corgis are cute until proven guilty!

Corgis that are not equilateral will always (a) refuse to be measured directly by flattening or twitching their ears when approached with a ruler or measuring tape (b) cocking or turning the head when photographed to avoid precise measurement.  This Corgi is non-compliant.  

I don't think it is the necessarily the equidistance between the three points but the angles that are created that account for the A'cuteness'. This corgi is definitely Acute corgi.

Well I'm not going to tell him you said so because he is very vain.  

Note that the ear with aspect ratio 1.0 is the left ear (sinistral).  This corgi is sinister.

A corgi that sneaky is probably chewing on your best left shoe under the bed as we speak.  This corgi is untrustworthy with expensive leather.

Does a corgi have to be equilateral, or will isoceles do?

Correct on most points. This Corgi is sinister.

This corgi specializes in pulling the insole out of your best shoes and chewing only the insoles.  That is even MORE sinister, because the shoe looks fine till you put it on, and the insole is usually tucked somewhere hard to find. 

An isosceles Corgi is like a wine with a screw on top.  It's just not right. 

If you sum the three aspect ratios and divide by 3 this Corgi is only 1.3% from the theoretically perfect aspect ratio sum of 3.0, so that's something. 




Total corgi ear fail:

This corgi is not cute.  This corgi is not equilateral, isoceles, or even triangular.  

This corgi is just utterly pathetic.  

You can help poor, pathetic little Gwynnie by sending your full name, credit card#, and SSN to our tax-free charitable account #ibsn 889 303 467Y in the Cayman Islands... or you can turn the page, you cruel heartless @#$%&!

Gosh I didn't even know that was possible.

Al, on the other hand, is perfectly equilateral, but his color balance is off.  And he smells funny.

So send an extra tax-deductible contribution for him.

These are severe qc/qa issues.  Have you checked to see if there are any factory recalls on your Corgis?

I am very appreciative of the geometry lessons. Corgiology is a serious subject, and I am glad to have the opportunity to take this online course. I would like to humbly suggest another learning unit. Some corgis, such as Snickers, shown here, have a degree of evil intent in their actions. This corgi has 180 degrees of evilness.


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