Potus had to go to the vet last month due to suspicious black marks on his belly. They turned out to be relatively harmless black heads (Who knew dogs got blackheads?) but the vet warned us that if they become blocked that may lead to discomfort and soreness for Potus and he may have to go back to the vet to have them cleaned out (for Potus this means sedation- he is not a happy camper at the vets). One of the suggestions for treatment the vet gave us was to give Potus Evening Primrose Oil. It's a supplement available to humans (I think it's typically a supplement for women) from chemists. From what I've read it contains a certain substance similar to what puppies receive from their mothers in milk and helps clear up skin problems. However a co-worker of my mothers relayed a story about how giving Evening Primrose Oil to her dog almost killed it. Does anyone have any experience with giving their dog EPO or know anything about negative side effects??

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I used to give it to Aber every day for his contact dermatitis.  He was fine.  It worked great.  No bad side effects at all.
I also should have added that my vet at the time suggested putting some olive oil on his food as well and/or vit E supplements, and he approved the EPO.


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