Ever since we brought Mochi home she has been going into fits of chewing herself and will not stop! I say no, move her mouth away from there and then try to interest her in chewing a toy instead. This usually helps for a minute or so, but she'll go right back to chewing herself. She seems to do it most right around bedtime or if she wakes up in the middle of the night, goes potty and once she comes back in she'll do it forever! I don't see any rashes in the area she's chewing, but she's beginning to make her nipple scab a little and I don't know what I should do to put a halt to this habit. Any suggestions and advice is greatly appreciated!

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Fleas or allergies would be my guess. There's something bothering her. have you bathed her? A harsh shampoo could make her it. Just a few thoughts! Poor baby she must feel miserable!
She doesn't have any fleas -- we checked her out for that. She only bites that one spot so, I wasn't sure if that would mean allergies or not. We gave her a bath with a natural oatmeal chamomile puppy shampoo I wonder if that would be bothering her delicate skin :( Thanks for the reply!
The shampoo doesn't sound like it would be too harsh. I think I would have her checked by a vet too too...just to be on the safe side. Could just be a habit. Could she have a bug bite? Could be a food allergy. Does she have corn in her food (not always but can be a biggie for allergies) a girlfriend just had to take her 6 year old dog in due to this! I just had my male itching a spot for about a week or more and he had gotten a scratch and even after it was gone he did this. So it's hard to tell!
I would say allergies just by reading what you're saying. You could take her to the vet to get her skin checked for any other potential problems. If it is allergies a low dose pill will do the trick.
She has been running around in the grass a lot would that cause any irritation?
get a magnifying glass and check the spot maybe she got a small sticker or she scratched it and it is irritated.
I'd def get her checked out by the vet just to be safe. My Heidi started chewing her feet for a little while when she was around 6 months old, but I think it was either a nervous habit, or she was bored. She did it mostly when we were going to bed and/or relaxing. Any time I caught her doing it, I'd say "Stop chewing your feet!" and shove a toy in her mouth...kind of like you were saying. I don't remember how long it took but she stopped. I also tried to walk her more and give her other things to do so by bedtime she'd be too tired to stay awake. Good luck! :)

Here's a pic of when she fell asleep with her foot in her mouth. :)

Aw :) even though you don't want her to be chewing her little tootsie it sure looks cute in this picture, hehe. :)
Our first corgi gnawed open sores near her butt... Lori suspected a food allergy, switched to raw meat food, and it went away... so you might investigate a dietary allergy... I don't know dogpoop about this really, but I've heard that grains and corn particularly are troublesome canine allergens. Try a change of diet?
Our little guy gnaws on himself all the time. Except he just does it to do it. He has no fleas, gets weekly baths with gentle shampoo, and is on a corn-free dog food. Especially his tail. He's just.. mouthy.

Hm, has she just gotten her shots, in the past 5 days or so? Dogs who just get their shots can exhibit behavior like this if they're allergic. I know my dachshund did! But they don't do well with shots anyway.

If that isn't the case... It does sound like a food allergy to me, a bug bite, or a nervous habit. A visit to the vet would help her a lot.
If it's getting so bad to where she starts to bleed, and you can't take her to the vet ASAP, you should contact your vet and ask how much Benadryl would be safe for her size. That way, you can find out if it truly is allergies too.
Thank you so much for your replies everyone :) Mochi did get her second round of puppy shots on Saturday, and it was around that time that we noticed her beginning to do this... My boyfriend actually asked me last night if I thought it could that she got her shots, and that something about that was bothering her. She doesn't have any kind of rash though so, I'm thinking it might just be something she does when she's bored. I'll keep trying to get her to focus on chewing her toys instead, but if she irritates it any more I'll call the vet to see about what it could be. Thanks again :)
Otto does this too, chewing his leg and paws. I think it's a teething thing since he has new teeth coming in (the new canines coming in look painful!). Same thing with him, we'll give him a toy and he stops.


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