The house to the side of me has been vancant for a couple of years now and the layout is kinda odd there is a garage and a 4 foot space till the chain link fence. this space can not be seen from their house since the garage blocks it and borders 1 hole side of my yard. Some younger people bought it and are moving in some roommate's. The roommate has 1 Bull Mastiff and 1 lab that can not be left alone in the house so they are currently constructing some kind of a kennel back there for their dogs. As I've posted before the corgi's like to fence fight the pits on the other side of me but since the pit's owner got in trouble over the 1 pit biting the neighbors dog and jumping the fence to approach some people they are no longer left outside unsupervised and we've kinda devised a plan since we can see each other's back door he doesn't let them out when mine is open and I don't let the corgi's out when his is the fence fighting wasn't a issue anymore. But now the new neighbors say their 2 dogs will be out there during the day while they are at work. I'm not happy about this at all!!! But I can't really do anything about it. I have to get these corgi's not to fence fight or respond to the 2 new one's in this kennel.....I'm gonna need alot of advice!! PLEASE HELP!

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On youtube there is a clicker trainer called kiko pup clicker training, she has a video on, barking at dogs through the fence. She is an awesome trainer. Look it up maybe she can help also i think if you email her she will answer you
One of the best recommendations I know of worked well for my sister's Cocker/King Charles mix and the two larger dogs next door. She said there was a lot of barking, growling, etc-mostly from the bigger dogs when they'd go out back. I told her to pick Oliver up and turn him around as close to the fence as possible and let the other dogs smell him. She tried this and it worked. They just ignore him now...may be worth a try.
they make rather attractive bamboo fencing designed to go over chain link and other fencing, perhaps this can help obscure the view (without being ugly or unsightly in your yard).
Well it's day 2 of the war but today was daycare for the corgi's so it allowed me to just toss treats to the mastiff and day 1 went bark..bark..bark....I went Jordan-Teagen "come" and then make them sit for a treat if they didn't look toward the fence or break their sit's or bark I gave them a treat saying "Good " but that routine was done a million time's (I'm going to go broke buying Charlie Bear's) ....Today while the corgi's were away playing I went out there alot and poked my head over the fence saying "No Bark" and when they stopped I tossed treats. By the end of the day they would just snuffle around the fence without barking which was rewarded with a "Good Dogs" and more treat tossing...So we'll see..
The owner must be wondering where does all the fat came from if the mastiff n lab put on weight, lol!


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