I'm probably over thinking, I tend to do that a lot. Since Becca had her health scare I have been studying any changes made to her environment. The list is topped by her new flea/tick topical. Activyl. I have looking online for more information on possible side effects. It is hard separating fact from opinion on some sites, but I found one link to blood issues. I'm going to ask the vet about it when I call tomorrow. Have any of you had issues with the topical flea/tick meds?

I live in a high deer tick area and Becca tested positive for Lyme this year. Going without doesn't seem safe, but neither do some of these chemicals.

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Did you have Becca vaccinated for Lyme disease? Also, we didn't use Activyl but we did use Frontline plus. I say did because we recently switched to comfortis instead. I started catching fleas on them a week before they were due for another Frontline treatment and found that if you use it for too long, the flea population becomes immune to the effect. So far so good on the comfortis!...... even if I do have to crush it and sneak it into Lainie's food.

Take this for what you will,but my vet warned me about using certain brands of tick preventatives. I'm sorry that I can't remember what they are off the top of my head. She said that smaller size dogs tend to have reactions because the doses are too strong (even if you use the size appropriate dose). She knows corgis are technically large dogs, but said they have also reacted in her experience. I just use a smaller dose size and always frontline because I know that wasn't one of the ones she mentioned. Sterling has been vaccinated for lymes and I don't mind pulling off a couple of ticks if I need to. (I've only had to pull one off, for the record, and we are out hiking at least weekly)

Becca wasn't vaccinated for Lyme last year, her breeder was against it. I did have her vaccinated this year however. I used Frontline plus last year. It has stopped having any effect on the ticks here. My vet does not sell Comfortis.

Several of the sites I visited said you shouldn't use Activyl or Advantix if your cat licked or brushed against your dog. Mokey does both, and the active ingredient can be fatal to cats. Another reason to switch. I talked to my vet this afternoon, she doesn't think Becca's health scare was due to the Activyl, but I'm not sure how comfortable I am with it.

So we don't buy frontline or comfortis from the vet because of that ghastly markup. Instead we order from http://www.deadfleaz.com/ They're an Australian based company, but we've never had a problem with the products, and you can't beat that price. I think we've been buying from them ever since we moved to Texas so... 4? 5? years? Something like that.  (I checked the frontline too with the guide on frontline's website to make sure it wasn't a fake product and it wasn't. )

Max has been treated for Lyme before we got him.  Both dogs are vaccinated.  I use an OTC flea stuff...I think it's BioSpot and have never had a reaction.  It's for fleas only and I don't use it regularly, only when I know they are going to be around other dogs in a prolonged, close situation...say when being boarded.  I also live in a high tick area but being in the city I have never found one on either of the dogs.  In fact I had to go all the way to TN last week before I ever in my whole had a tick on me.


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