My husband and I have noticed over the last couple of days that the left ear on our 6 mo. corgi, Emma, doesn't stand up like her right one does, but rather flops over most of the time. Is this normal?

She looks like she did when she was 2 mo. old with one ear up and one down which is pretty cute, but we're just wondering if her left ear will stand back up on its own or if it will stay like it is now?

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Hm.. sounds like it stood before.. but now it's not? That I'm not sure about. Conan only had one ear stand until he was almost a year. The other one did sometimes, but not consistently. We thought we would have to tape it, which you could try, but it eventually stood on its own. When we did try to tape his though, he wanted nothing to do with it. Hope you have better success!
This has happened with's either been that something got in his ear (dirt, etc.) or if he recently had a bath, it turns out to be a little bacterial infection from water remaining in his ear canal. I put some anti-bacterial ointment (from my vet) in his ear and it clears up in a few days.
Hope this helped,
One of my Corgis (I've had four..) had this problem, her ear just never stood up though. She was a runt. I always thought it was cute, but if you're really concerned, wait a few weeks and then see a vet about taping it. I've never heard of it being an ear infection though like Baxter... that one is new..
Kiwi's ears didn't fully go up until she was 9 mos. old and even now, when she gets really, really tired one ear flops over. Orzo is 6 mos and has one ear up and one down. We are waiting for all of his adult teeth to finish coming in. Sometimes it's difficult for the ear to fight over the calcium needed for their teeth. I wouldn't worry too much, but if you're very concerned you can tape it up for about a week straight, after that it should stand.
I did decide to tape it. I simply slightly wrapped a bit of medical tape around the upper middle of her ear. Now it is standing up straight. Hopefully when I remove it in a week it will stand on its own.

Emma doesn't seem to mind the tape at all. Quiet a relief. I have always had cats until this point and a taped ear would not have gone over well with any of them. :)
My crew dropped/sagged their ears when they were teething badly, and they restood once they got their permanent teeth. I've found that's pretty common, actually. Happens in German Shepherds too.

I don't think it will hurt to tape it at all, we did the same thing with the boys. :)
Miranda's ears never went up, her whole litter had this problem. The ears just need to be taped. I thought it was cute and she was already 4 months old so I left it alone. Her ears are still down and she is 2 1/2. If you really want the ears up, talk to the breeder or a vet about taping it. You have to be careful not to cut off circulation when you do it.
My Corgi came to me with both ears up and they have always stayed that way, so I've never tried it, but I've heard you can add a littler cheese or plain yogurt to their diet for a few days and the extra calcium helps the ear stand up.
Eddy's ear went up at around 6 months old, 2 months ago roughly. But sometimes when he wakes up in the morning, that ear is flopped over and it will go up within an hour. I've been told that the teething stage is the most likely time it will go up due to jaw and head muscle development.
It's possible for one or both ears to remain floppy. It's also possible for the ears to be up and then have one flop back down (my Mom's Cardigan had upright ears until 9 months of age when one ear fell and as still down now at 2 years of age). It could be that she is teething. While teething they are using calcium for the teeth and it can weaken the cartilage of the ears. This is usually temporary and to assist them you can add extra calcium to their diet such as cottage cheese once a day. Taping won't hurt. We had to tape Finnigan's ears. His were not up by 14 weeks as the breeder said they should be so we started taping and they ended up standing.
We taped both of Jack's, but not for long.

The breeder said that Maddie's were very soft and would still sometimes flop down til she was around a year old, if she was swimming or playing in water or it was very hot.


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