Is anyone's dog allergic to Blue Buffalo food? Our 8 month old cardi recently developed a fairly severe skin rash on his rump, near the base of his tail. We took him to the vet this morning, and he thinks it is related to food allergies. About a week ago, before I noticed any rash, we switched him over to Blue Buffalo, the fish and sweet potato kind. I thought Blue Buffalo was supposed to be good for dogs with allergies?! I don't know for sure that it is the Blue Buffalo food, because we have been mixing in his old food which is just Iams puppy food, but the timing seems like that's probably what it is. Has anyone else experienced allergies with this brand?

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I've not seen that at all. But I do see many dogs with rump rash (lol). Unless your dog is allergic to something "IN" the food, i.e. chicken, it shouldn't do that to him. Keep us posted.
Not really, but I notice my Mocha's sensitive stomach takes about a week to adjust to Blue Buffalo, it is "richer" and he gets the runs whenever he switches.
Well, there haven't been any stomach issues, just the rash. Is a week even enough time to develop allergies to a food? I guess it's possible he's allergic to the old food, since we're still mixing it in, and the timing is just making it confusing. I just find it really hard to believe the blue buffalo would be causing allergies!
It's not very common for a dog to be allergic to Blue Buffalo, as it's pretty mild, much like California Natural.
Furthermore, a week is awfully quick for a food allergy to show up after making the switch.
Allergies with Blue Buffalo are rare, and the few dogs I've heard of having problems with it have a grain allergy. A lot of dogs that have an ellergy to grains show so between 6 months and one year, but it's not uncommon for this allergy to develop over time and show signs later on.
Again, one week just doesn't sound right. I would put my money on it being a coincidence, and continue with the Blue Buffalo for about a month and evaluate from there. The switch was a good move, expecially if it is a food allergy that is showing now, because Iams is laiden with common allergens like corn, soy, wheat, beet pulp, etc. If you're still not comfortable with the Blue Buffalo, you may want to check out California Natural foods. Their protein content is a little lower than most good foods, but their limited ingredient formulas (all the formulas) are fantastic for dogs with allergies. I recommend the Herring and Sweet Potato formula to a lot of my customers with simular issues with pretty decent feedback. (I sold a tiral size bag to a woman with a Boxer with severe allergies, and a week later she ordered over 100lbs worth from our store!)
Keep us posted and updated. Hope it all works out well.
BB and Iams BOTH have grains, so maybe it is grain allergy?
Some people are allergic to fish, so I suppose it's possible for a dog to be. Just because it's not a common allergen does not mean an individual dog can't be allergic.

If it were me, I'd switch back to his original food. If the rash does not clear up, you know the food had nothing to do with it. If it DOES clear up, of course that proves nothing and it could have been a coincidence. If it does clear up, I'd wait several weeks for his system to settle down, then try the switch again. If he now tolerates the new food, great! If you get the same reaction, you'll know it's the food.
My puppies didn't have reactions to Blue Buffalo, but they had horrific gas. We switched them to Wellness and they're doing much better on that.
Thanks for all the feedback guys! I think I'm going to stick with the Blue Buffalo for now, and just eliminate mixing in the Iams a little earlier than I had planned to. Since his fur is so thick, it's possible I didn't even notice the rash for a few days, and I just think it is too soon since we started the new stuff for it to cause something like this. It's most likely the Iams and just really bad timing. I'll let you know how things turn out. :)
Im not sure if my pup s allergic, but my pup eats blue buffalo too. Romeo is 4 month. He always bite his leg and butt but im not sure about rashes?. Hes going to the vet this saturday.
Sidney eats BB too. He's been itching and biting/licking. We finally found a med to get rid of the fleas, so i don't know it is it residual flea sensitivity or his food (we switched over from Wellness at the beginning of summer). Maybe we'll try California Natural and see if the itching stops.
When Dax was on Blue Buffalo, he constantly scratched (no fleas) everywhere, licked his paws constantly, and he would stick his entire foot in his ear and scratch. His eyes were always draining (and I hate nothing more than tear lines on their faces) and he constantly pawed at his eyes..and his mouth for some reason. I switched him back to Wellness and he's doing much better now. I had to take him to the vet for his yearly shots, and I asked the vet about it and she said that it sounds like typical food allergies. I never actually saw a physical rash or anything, but I could tell he didn't feel very well.

People I know who don't know that I've switched his food have also commented on how much shinier his coat has gotten in the past few weeks. Blue Buffalo is a good food, but Wellness works much better for Dax.
Blue Buffalo is not as good as it used to be after they were bought by a larger dog food company. It contains grain so it can't be good for dogs with allergies. Look for grain free food. They don't sell it at Petsmart, so you'll have to go to a specialized pet store or online. Those foods are not more expensive than Blue Buffalo, but much better. A friend of mine uses Taste of the Wild, you might try that.
Oh, and if you still have your Blue Buffalo receipt you can return it as long as it was less than a month since the purchase date.
We fed Shiro BB puppy food for some time, and although he didn't have any problems he refused to eat it. I had to come up with tasty additions to make him eat it. Even then he wouldn't clear up his plate.


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