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Olive had a positive blood test result for Pancreatitis yesterday. Vomitting, bloody diarrhea, the whole 9 yards. It started Sunday morning around 2 when she woke us up by up-chucking her dinner for us at the foot of the bed... she was admitted yesterday and given IV fluids all day as well as another round of anti-vomitting shots and a pill to help with the diarrhea.


We took her home last night as the vet didn't see a need for her to stay overnight or check in with the ER vet, and this morning she woke up with a bit more pep in her tiny steps and she drank some of her water! She's shown interest in food but won't eat the W/D that the vet prescribed... and I don't blame her. We're going to try boiled chicken and white rice as soon as it's done cooking.


Question is, what food do you feed your pup's that suffer from sensitive stomachs? She has had colitis twice before (happens when we leave her... the silly nerd gets worried we've left her for good at her aunt's house!), and this is our first go with pancreatitis. We're looking at possibly going with Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Healthy Weight. We currently feed her regular Blue Buffalo, switching up the flavor every now and then.



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Hi Jessica, Pancreatitis requires a special diet, you want to avoid fatty greasy food, processed food, simple carb like white rice. At the same time you cannot overload her with protein, so a delicate balance between the right carb and % of protein is required, hence the Rx diet food. BB is very rich, I would discontinue that immediately, stop feeding the very same food that caused this condition in the first place. You'll need to be vigilant about keeping her weight under control, make sure she gets her daily 45-60 mins walk rain or shine. I would also encourage you to seek a licensed medical professional in selecting food that fits her condition. Good luck!

We have a doberman with chronic colitis and the only food that doesn't cause problems is Perscription I/d from the vet or Petsmart also carries it. Everything else is too rich for her.


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