Does anyone feed their corgi FROMM? Do you like it, and which kind do you feed?

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 a friend of mine feeds her cavaliers and chihuahuas FROMM and she really likes it. they have beautiful coats and its a pretty good food and cheaper than most. u can get a 33pound bag for about $30 (after tax or shipping) i personally feed baden simply nourish from petsmart  and thats a 15 pound bag for $22

Thanks for the info!


no problem :)

I feed Jeff Fromm, and he's loves it! Although, it's all he's known really. He initially ate the hot pink bag that is for puppies only. However, now he eats any of the four star bags, which are all life stages. I switch up the flavors from time to time, because he does get sick of the same food after a few months. Surf & Turf and Duck & Sweet Potato are our usual choices :)

Good price, excellent sources of protein and in multiple forms (grains and no grains) and made in USA. Also, no known recalls ever. Made in Wisconsin.

We feed Fromm and have been very happy with it. We rotate the flavors.

We've been feeding it for the last two years as it was the only food Payton would eat when he was in kidney failure.

We used duck and sweet potato as the main food and would mix in a small bag of other flavors to add variety.

They have a buy 12 bags get the 13th bag free program- save the UPCs and turn them in to the store when you "buy" the 13th bag.  

We have not switched to their Grain Free Pork and Peas as it turns out Alfie, our rescue, it allergic to potatoes and rice.  

Very happy with the brand and the quality.


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