Hello! I have a healthy 6 month old male corgi. We are looking into changing his food because he doesn't seem to interested in it, and his poops are massive! He is currently on a cup and a half twice a day of chicken soup for the soul dog food. My fiance is pushing for a brand he was referred to by a friend, Martin's K9 low fat formula. Has anyone used this? The friend we have swears by it, and so does his vet but im not sure by all of the reviews i am reading online. What are some brand you other corgi lovers use? Thanks

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Woah. A cup and a half, 2x a day? That sounds... really overboard. Corgis tend to hold on to their weight as much as their toys, so promoting a sleeker silhouette is beneficial to your pup. I really don't think that much food period, no matter the quality, is going to help. That's probably one of the reasons why he has massive poops!

Ace is on a quarter cup of Acana Prairie + a bowl full of green beans in the mornings, and 250~g of Raw w/bone at night. He and I extensively clicker train throughout the day so I leave a small calorie allowance for that. Even with such a small amount of food, his weight is rock steady and he has not shed a single gram, only grown.

As for what might work for your pup, it's hard to say. I'm very fond of Acana/Orijen as brands, and Ace adores the taste even after being on Acana Prairie since arriving here in September '11.

I use Wellness.  Switched to it after everyone on here had great reviews of it.  My dogs have done great on it, and love it.  Seanna has to have a special food for her urinary issues, but the other dogs do very well on it.  That sounds like ALOT to be feeding.  I found out too after I joined here that I was way overfeeding Seanna.  She only gets 1/4 cup twice a day.  Jackson gets 3/4 cup twice a day.  My shepherd mix gets 1 cup twice a day.  Make sure that you are able to feel the ribs.  If you can't, your dog is fat.  Seanna got up to 29 pounds at her heaviest, ended up tearing her ACL, and was put on a diet.  Took me 1.5 years to get the weight off.  She is down to a svelte 23 pounds now, and doing great.

I wouldn't use a low fat food in a 6 month old dog. Franklin is on Taste of the Wild and LOVES it. He couldn't tolerate Wellness and was on Blue Buffalo Wilderness for a long time but just quit eating it one day and wouldn't eat for about 3 days until I switched to Taste of the Wild. Its an excellent food, the higher protein formulas get higher reviews than many of the other "premium"  kibble brands and its about $15 cheaper and you get more (30 lb bag vs 25ish with some of the other brands). 

I give him 3/8 cup kibble in the morning with 3 T/D dental kibble (they are BIG), and then he gets 1/4 cup Honest Kitchen at night with 3 T/D kibble and either cooked meat of some kind or 1/8 cup kibble depending on what I have around. He developed flaky skin/fur a few months ago no matter what I fed even adding in fish oil, flaxseed, etc so I started feeding Honest Kitchen and that did the trick to make his coat gleam again.

ahh! i meant cup and a half total! that would be way too much!

I don't think that 3 cups a day for a puppy would be too much - and maybe not even an adult dog depending on it's needs, size and activity level. We feed our dogs between 1 3/4 to 2 1/4 cups total per day and supplement with small treats and whatever else they decide to eat from the yard and on their walks.

We feed Frosty Pedigree, a cup in the morning and another cup at night.  This would probably be WAY to much for a normal corgi, but Frosty is huge lol.  This keeps him in perfect shape, very slim.  I know lots and lots of corgi owners feed better quality, more expensive brands, but Pedigree works for us.  We have had Frosty for over 2 years, he is 3 years old, and we don't have any weigh/digestion/pooping issues at all.

Here are some other past food discussions that you might find helpful...(there are lots more, I just threw the first couple I came across on here lol)





I've never heard of that brand but I wouldn't put a 6 month old puppy on a low fat food. I would only use that if there was some sort of weight problem, and even then you can help them shed pounds simply by reducing the amount of their current food.

Okay...I just went and looked at that brand website...my advice...don't buy that. The first ingredient is generic MEAT meal. I would never buy a food that didn't specify what type of animal it came from. They could be including 4D animals: dead, dying, diseased, or disabled. Or even roadkill sadly.

dead, dying, diseased, or disabled. Or even roadkill sadly.

Eugh, gross. :S I didn't know that!

The FDA actually did a study and a bunch of lesser quality foods came up positive for pentobarbital, which is what is used for euthanasia on cats, dogs, cows, horses, etc. They found no evidence of cat or dog DNA in those samples, but it still weirds me out because technically it is not illegal to use euthanised pets in dog food. Really disgusting. Link to the results is at the bottom of this page:



There appear to be associations between rendered or hydrolyzed ingredients and the presence of pentobarbital in dog food. The ingredients Meat and Bone Meal (MBM), Beef and Bone Meal (BBM), Animal Fat (AF), and Animal Digest (AD) are rendered or hydrolyzed from animal sources that could include euthanized animals.

We've got 4 female Cardigans - three get 7/8th of cup twice a day and the other one gets 1 1/8 cup twice a day.  The dogs weigh in at between 33 and 40 pounds.  Science Diet small bites - we tried some other stuff but this is the only food that works just fine for all the dogs.  One of the 4 looks great but has an extra lb or two on her, two are just about perfect and the other one seems kind of thin (shes the most active by far and gets more food).

We feed raw meat (Darwin's, a local Seattle company that delivers, frozen... I don't even want to know what we're paying for this).  1/2 c. 2x daily.  A pure raw meat diet produces small, hard, odorless poops.  

We add perhaps 1/4 c. Wellness kibble per meal.  This soften the turds a bit, but if you add too much, they get large, soft, and smelly.  Ick.

We're an urban neighborhood, so we have to pick up, so I don't like soft, squishy and smelly.

It has come to this.  I am a connoisseur of dog poop.

Daily total:  about 1 c. raw meat (packed) + 1/4 c. kibble.   Adjust so they stay lean.

Back to Basics dry kibble!  Johann gets 2/3 cup twice a day and he is very trim!  It is pricey, but if you get it at an independtly owned pet store or food supply, you can get coupons and if you collect the first 9 UPC codes you get your 10th bag free!  I think the prices are $34 for pork, $36 for turkey, and $40 for duck.  But... it's only made of 7 all natural ingredients and it's extremely digestable.  Also, the bag lasts 5-6 weeks so that's like less than a dollar per day for him to eat :)  http://www.backtobasicspetfood.com/  they even have a store locator or you can buy it online.  good luck!


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