Does anyone recognize this guy?
I just got word of a red and white (it was described to me as sable but from what I see in the picture he is red and white) male unaltered Pembroke Welsh Corgi that was found in Cottonwood CA near Redding. If anyone knows of a male corgi that has gone missing in Northern California please contact me. I can also be reached through the Golden Gate Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club - Rescue by phone or email. Maggi


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He looks pretty typey.  I hate to ask the obvious, but are they sure he's not chipped?

He was taken to a veterinarian and scanned for a microchip. No microchip. I asked them to call back to make sure they have a universal microchip scanner at that office. He has no tattoos in his flank either. 

I was going to ask if he had been checked for a chip also.   He's handsome fella.

Yes he was checked for a microchip, we are having them double check that a universal scanner was used. No tattoos either.

I'll bet if he could talk he could tell you his name, where he belongs, and how he got away. Such smart dogs, so hard for them to communicate!

We just know that someone is heartbroken that he is lost. He has been well loved. He sleeps on the bed, in fact he insists on sleeping in a bed with a warm human body.

Have you checked with the local SPCA or Humane Society or whoever would pick up stray dogs?  I know when I've found a lost dog they are the first place I call to see if anyone was looking for it.  Also check the local corgi clubs, they usually list any member's dogs that are missing.  Put an ad in the paper, leave out some identifying thing so you can make sure it is the rightful owner.  A lot of papers do not charge for a "found" ad.

I so hope you can find his people, I know they must be heartsick worrying about him.

Flyers have been put up all around the town where he was found. He was taken back to the area where he was found, in hopes that me might lead them back to his home. Nothing. There are flyers at the veterinary hospitals, in the pet stores and at the grocery stores. I appreciate all ideas, we are thinking he may have escaped from an older person that doesn't use the internet. We are getting nothing from the internet posts.

Maggi, I know around me some family is looking for a lost poodle who has been out for months. The last time they had a verified sighting (they've had in tracking dogs and have withheld some information so they can ask questions when they get calls to make sure it's her) she was about 20 miles from where she went missing.

If he's an intact boy and followed his nose to females in heat, he could have covered many miles in a matter of a day or two. Perhaps expand the search to surrounding towns?

Looking at a map flyers are really needed in Anderson, Redding and Bed Bluff. The lady that has him is not willing to drive any further to get flyers up. I will try to find some people in that area to help. Anyone out there? They may bring him to me this weekend or the next for rescue. I will hold him and still keep trying to find his owner. 

Unfortunately I'm on the other side of the country.  :-(     A few thoughts:  it's possible his owner is older.  It's also possible that someone is sick or out of town and the dog got away from a house-sitter, or that the owner is sick or was in a car accident and the dog got away that way.  

If you do bring him in, maybe you could see what he does when offered a treat:  does he stack himself, or does he sit?  He sure LOOKS like he came from a show breeder.   Maybe see if he's familiar with any agility equipment, or seems to know heel patterns.  If he seems like he participated in anything, you can check with local trainers or something.

It breaks my heart when you say he insists on sleeping in the bed.  Someone must miss him very much, or WILL miss him when they get back from where ever and realize he's gone.  Poor little guy.

I am trying to get a hold of the local AKC club now to see if any of their members recognize him and maybe get some volunteers to put up flyers. I will know more about him if he comes to our rescue. I hope he finds his family first! The lady that found him will for sure send him to me if we can't find his owner.


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