Around what age do they start to frap?  Olive is 9 weeks old, and has yet to go nuts running around.  We keep her in the family room and kitchen area (open kitchen with an island seperating the two rooms... pretty large area), and take her outside only to go potty right now.  Do they need more exercise to get the urge to frap?  we play with her a lot with her rope and chew toys.  Just curious!  (We haven't been successful in getting her to go for a walk yet.)

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I'm glad to hear from others that their dogs FRAP when they are trying to control them. Winnie runs from one end of the couch to the other like crazy when I tell her to stop biting on the couch buttons, and runs all over the house when she takes something she knows she shouldn't have.
LoL maddie does that too! She likes the couch and ottoman skirt corners
Oh yes, definitely frapping after bathes! Going to give both of mine one today as a matter of fact. But age, I have no idea, Buddha started around 4 months; Maddie about the time we got her at 14wks old. Funniest thing I've seen in my life as far as dogs go, has yet to be beaten!
Corgwyn are a gift from the faeries, remember? Frapping is when they're giving a faerie a ride, so they don't frap until they're big enough.
I never heard the word "frapping" before but I have been witnessing it for months in my 8 mo Corgi, Kaylee! All it takes is for one of the cats to have enough of her bouncing in front of them and give a warning hiss. She goes berserk tearing through the house and around the disdainful cat, getting as close as she dares. Where on earth did that name come from? I saw my cats do it occasionally when they were young.
I got Boomer when he was 6 months old. After a few days, He started his frapping and I was totally caught off guard with this behavior. I froze where I stood and just watched him running and jumping in circles from room to room. I'd never seen this before and was totally amazed at his humorous behavior. He usually does this every morning while getting ready for work and or when I took something away from him he wasn't suppose to have. I actually enjoy watching this silly behavior and he constantly keeps me entertained!
Luna fraps already and she just turned 10 weeks old. It's hilarious to witness. She'll be sedentary and calm one second, then ZOOM - off she goes!
I'd say around 4 months or so the frapping really started for us. The main floor of our house goes around in a big circle and they love frapping around and around and around. Sometimes they're going so fast when they hit the tile in our hallway/kitchen they skid across it and bang into the wall lol. Never stops them though!
Oh the joys of FRAPPING! Nothing brings me more joy than our nightly Frapping routine. I can be found most nights before bedtime standing in the yard in my jammies clapping my hands shouting "It's FrapTime" and then watching Cooper & Callie doing their thing! And I'm not ashamed to say I've been known to just stand and cry because it brings me such joy and happiness to watch my babies have such a great time together! I guess it's a good thing it's at night and no one is really around to see the crazy Corgi lady in her jammies...
Our first dog ran "crazy eights" around the dining room table, up onto the couch, around the dining room table again and then out into the kitchen. It was every night at about 7:00 p.m. We could set our watches by it. Sophie used to run around the dining room table and then up onto the couch, pushing it so hard it would slide back. Thank goodness they both stopped the jumping, which is bad for corgi backs. It was funny to us but startled guests who didn't know what was going on. They thought the dogs had gone mad!
My little guy starting frapping when he was introduced to other dogs at our local dog park. One he made some friends, then he started frapping. He was about 7 months old because we didn't bring him around other dogs until he was fully vaccinated and neutered. Nine weeks old is still pretty young. My Bingley was still timid at that age. As Olive discovers the world around her and becomes more confident and comfy, then she will let loose and go nuts! Have fun!
Guess I should update this post that started shortly after Olive came home way back in January, lol! Olive turned a year this past Sunday, and we enjoy frapping whenever and wherever we can!


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