Does anyone know if there's anything I have to do with them like let them dry???? I was given 2 nice antlers today and not sure if I can just give the dogs them or if there's something else I need to do.



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To make sure they are free of beri-beri, mange, or Dutch Elm Disease, buff the surface with 100 grit sandpaper, then soak them in pickle brine for at least a month with some white pepper, wasabi, or horseradish.  Wash them off with vinegar.  Glaze them with maple syrup (imitation will do, or even a heavy brown sugar solution) with a dash of clove oil.  Some say that you should then flambe' them in a brandy, but I don't think this is necessary.

If you say so John. I will also put them in a sweet pickle brine and add some blueberries, they should soak up the beautiful color right?. Do you think I should just just put them in a big sauerkraut crock for a month also????

Hmmm not sure on that one. I would at least give them a good scrub and make sure there's no rough edges. Maybe a quick boil...?

That would make sense...maybe just a minute or so. the other thing I was wondering was washing them in peroxide? The ends are sanded well and I know that they give cow horns to dogs all the time but I think these are farm dogs and they just get them fresh. I just don';t know what is inside the antler and if it rots or anything?????

Was it a shed antler or one cut from a freshly killed deer? I think technically the insides are marrow but I don't think they rot as far as I know.

It was a freshly killed deer and I'm hoping to get more:)  When I think of some of the gross things my dogs have gotten into this is probably not too bad but I just don't want them to get sick.

I think it would be fine personally...if people are going to be eating the deer meat I think the antlers should be safe for the dog. :)

Thanks jane....I think you are right!

Not sure, but I know that I buy elk antlers from a guy on Ebay who finds them after they have been shed by the elk.  I thought he just cut them in to smaller pieces and sold them.  My dogs LOVE them.  They last forever too. 

The last antler I missing and I think it was hidden:( I'm so glad I found someone who is willing to give them to me for free!



I keep trying to get some from the hunters around here, but shockingly, none will give them up.  I love John's post too!  LOL.

How to Prepare Deer Antlers for Dogs to Chew On

Google is always my best friend lol...


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