Hello everyone,

I am new here. Right now, I have a 15 year old Jack Russell named Daisy. I have had her since she was 5 1/2 weeks old. Although I hope Daisy will be around a few more years, I am well aware of her age and declining health. I am looking into getting a Corgi when Daisy goes home across the Rainbow Bridge. This site has provided me with great information about the Corgi breed.

I may have to get used to the barking, but the stubborness of a Corgi and energy in some of the stories reminds me of Daisy as a puppy. Although she was also jealous. (So much so that she chewed a book I was reading because I didn't pet her while reading it.)

Thank you all for the stories and information. It will come in handy I am sure.

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Hope you do have Daisy around for a while longer.  As for the barking...it can be tamed.  Both of mine came from the same breeder...Max went as pet quality to another family before us and barks a lot.  Kaite, who became a show dog and breeder, doesn't.  She will when someone is at the door and Max starts up but she was trained not to bark as much as they are inclined to do.  Don't ask me how...but I'm sure there are some on here who could give excellent advice when the time comes.

Best wishes for your Daisy,  I too have an older friend 15 1/2.  With your track record, my guess is that you will do well with any  breed or dog you choose to get.  Success with the current dog is the best predictor of success in the future.  The only thing you will have to adjust to is the energy level of a puppy, one forgets after all that time!  If you are not ready for that, one that's a bit more mature may be a better fit.  Many nice dogs find themselves in need of a new home through no fault of their own.  I adopted my Corgi at 1 yr. of age.  He needed a bit of work, but he has turned out wonderfully for us all, including the other dog members of the family.

I thought it would be a good idea to show off my Daisy since I don't yet have a Corgi pup. I attached a picture, and also changed my profile picture to Daisy all wrapped up like a spoiled little burrito during a nap.

Hi Heather, I too had a Jack Russell( she , Button, was 13 when I got my Corgi( Gunny). Our family has found Gunny to be the perfect dog to follow a Jack Russell. He has been a lively, loving intelligent companion. Perhaps a bit more of a barker than Button but much more sweet tempered. Jacks are feisty. Gunny has never been aggressive to anyone or anything...even the birds don't seem to mind walking near him while outdoors! He is a charmer. We thought we'd never want anything but another Jack Russell , but fate brought Gunny to us as a pup and when Button passed away ( 2years after we got Gunny) our sadness was cushioned by his presence. He actually livened up Button in her last couple years. We never thought she would allow another dog in her house..but his sweet nature won her over.


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