My dog Donny is your typical corgi: bright, spunky, and energized. Until he sees the Gentle Leader. 


The GL, or his "Face", as we call it, warned that it may take up to 2 weeks for the dog to stop rubbing his face on things and stop struggling to get it off. It's been 6 months. The first week he rubbed all the skin off his nose by dragging his Face through the carpet, and now that we have hardwood floors he rubs it on the bookcase, the bed, our legs, and the cat. Funny, but not funny at the same time. The cat especially hates it. 


In the past month or so, there's a new development. Our stubborn, independent corgi has never liked the Face because it controlled him so effectively--deterring pulling and wild meet-and-greets with strangers--but recently he has apparently decided that the Face is a symbol for the End of the World. He will bury his face under the couch to hide it from reach, will hide in his crate, will bury himself under the bed covers, or all of the above--one right after the other--and wont even come out for chicken or ham. 

This is recent, mind you. He used to sit pretty for the Face application, and wore it without complaint. 


Most importantly, I think the GL is making him depressed. He mopes around the house and acts like nothing matters to him anymore--unless he hears noises outdoors, and then starts barking like he's paranoid--which I think is because he hates going outside now! I blame it on the GL. 


Has anyone else had a problem with depression with the Leader? We've tried every harness, collar, and chain--the Face has been the only thing that works for walks, so I'm reluctant to throw it out without consulting other corgi owners. Any suggestions for collar alternatives?


Notes:There has been no trauma, no dog attacks, no aggression. We use the leader correctly, every time. Donny is highly trained and is great on walks--the only troubles were overly enthusiastic greetings of other people and dogs and pulling, which the GL has stopped. 

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Here is a good article discouraging the use of this product: Gentle Leader Explained
it seems i am the only one who had a great experience with the gentle leader. it helped teddy get over his fear of other dogs. but thing of it is i only had to use it for 3weeks after that it was no longer necessary. u said u have been using it for 6months and this has suddenly been brought on. what u should have done is wean him off using that, the gentle leader is not to be used for a long period of time. its suppose to show your dog how to calmly walk on a leash other wise your dog will respect the product and not u. after a few weeks of using it u should try using his collar or harness again. did u leave it on him all the time? when u bought this did u watch the video? its very important that u do. when he rubs his face on objects u need to tell him NO.

as a dog trainer i have seen cases like this, some dogs just feel beaten down and vanerable. not all dogs are going to respond to every training method the same. in this case i would recommend a martingale collar (not a choker chain) or even try the easy walk harnesses where u hook the leash in the front and if he pulls he will be turned around. or the yuppie puppy no pull harness that has padding under the arm pits and has mesh on the chest. all it does is put small pressure on his sides when he pulls and he will instinctively back up.

i get questions on how to stop pulling all the time but the products u use are only helping a small bit. its up to u to get your dogs attention and teach him pulling will get him no where. the moment he pulls spin him in a circle or just stand there. dont say anything or even look at him. wait until he sits or is calm. eventually he get it that if he pulls he gets no where. it will take some time so be patient. teach him to sit and look at you when people/dogs walk by. bring his favorite toy or food when doing this. he needs to focus on u not the things going on around him.

i am not picking on you by the way:) i hope your little guys sprite is lifted again

but i will say this, after teddy had shown no fear to other dogs one day i wanted to use it as i couldnt find his regular harness and he did get very paranoid out on the walk and when we did encounter another dog he growled like in the past and got scared. the next day i used his usual harness encountered a ton of dogs and not one growl
We have used and are currently using the GL on Shelby. She would constantly pull whenever there was a dog in sight. We don't mind if she meets otherndogs but just not pull us towards the dog. Shelby doesn't like it a terrible amount but she knows if she stops and sits when I stop, or she heals, she'll get a treat. The GL so far has been the only thing that really works on her. She hasn't gotten any bumps from the GL but we constantly check just in case. We have tried various exercises in keeping her to heal with us, nothing worked terribly well. We will be enrolling her in an obedience class by the end of the summer though.
if the gentle leader is working for you, i am happy for you:) but one thing u have to remeber is its not a long term thing to use becasue after a few weeks/months she will understand that pulling gets her no where and the GL is only part of the training. YOU have to teach her that pulling is a no no so the next time u walk her on her collar or harness that she knows that u do not accept pulling. if she tries to get ahead and of course the GL will correct her but u also have to say NO, stop and stand still for a few seconds so she gets again, pulling gets her no where  try this instead of the face.  I love this trainer and watch her a lot!!
I'm another vote for an obedience class.  I've never used this device and would not put it on my dog ever.  Learning how to use s slip chain or martingale collar seems to me to be a much better solution.   yes, they are strong and stubborn and spirited dogs but they re also very quick learners.  I might ask, what exactly is this experience teaching your dog? 


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