Getting a head start on looking for another Corgi! Any suggestions? SD, MN, IA, or NE

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look? We're primarily looking for female Pembroke Welsh Corgi with red coloring.I don't really care so much for looking at Champion Dog Show Corgi's. A good background in agility would be great but mostly, we're just looking for another lovable member of the family. Being an inexperienced Corgi lover, I have no idea where to start looking. We need one by the beginning of May 2010. :) Can anyone give me some hints.

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I forgot to mention, that we would also be willing to get a masked corgi! Thanks again
Wow...Mankato??? I live an hour away my favorite store there is Pet Expo! I will have pups probably in Feb. and May...I actually post my pups there! If you ever wanted to meet the parents we could meet at Pet Expo? There's a woman(Jennie I think) that has a red/white. We also go to AKC obedience and agility in Mankato!
I will defiantly keep you in mind! The pictures look amazing and just plain fun. Isabelle wouldn't mind playing with one of those puppies. Not to mention, I love Pet EXPO as well. This may sound cheesy but the first time I actually went into Pet EXPO (I'm from Sioux Falls), I thought it was a utopia. I've never seen a local pet store that had so much in it before! I called my boyfriend right away to tell him about all their selections in dog collars and that aquarium thing they had. When he came to visit, I dragged him in and we spent over an hour looking for toys and such for Isabelle. :)
I got Seanna from Kathy Fortin, St Louis MO...
You may try Lakeway Corgis: they have nice litters; one day I'll have one =D


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