I need a vacuum!!!! My budget is 200 dollars.... Recommendations?????

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I have a bissell lift off vacuum, and I LOVE it!!!! I dont have this model but do have a Bissell lift off. This version comes with a pet attachment, I believe. Its amazing the hair and dust it cleans up:
We have this one too, but it doesn't specify that the attachment is for pet hair on ours. It really works though! It was left to us by my in-laws who went back to the Philippines. It seems to need a lot of maintenance (cleaning filters and such) though, but it's really easy. The whole thing is pretty heavy, but it makes me feel like I'm getting a work out, which is good. :)

I have this one too and so far have not killed it. It is about 4 or 5 years old now. It needs emptying alot but it is easy to do and frankly with as much hair as all my animals produce any vacumn would need alot of emptying.

I am now wanting to replace my bissell, this time I am thinking with a bagged version.  The dust that comes from it when emptying the filter is just grossing me out.  I don't remember this being an issue in the past.  I really do like not having to deal with bags, but don't want to to be dealing with the major dust, I wonder if I am having those issues because it is just ready to be replaced, mine has to be about 4 or 5 years old too. 

If you can wait, there are refurbished Dyson for under $200 on Amazon every now and then.
I have the Bissel Pet Hair Eraser, and it works very well!
I just recently bought a vacuum at Walmart for around 90 bucks with a warranty! It is the best for Corgi hair! It is purple and its called Eureka for pets! Look out for it great deal! And with a year round shedding Corgi it is the best to buy because it doesn't take bags! And the filters are washable!
If your old vaccum works fine with good suction and all your wanted is a "pet" attachment, you can get this and save yourself some money. It is the rubber + static that makes the hair sticks, for cleaning car carpet, you can put on a pair of dish washing rubber gloves and have the same effect.
I'm having this same issue. We have a bagless Eureka and it works well enough, but the problem is they don't seem to last. We are mostly vacuuming one room-sized area rug, but we need to empty it more than once every time we vacuum and we need to pull chunks of hair out of the areas where the filters fit in. I think it's on its last legs (you can smell rubber burning when you run it).

Hopefully the next one will last longer; this one is less than three years old.

Edit: Hmmm, maybe the belt is just going so before we replace it, we'll try replacing the belt. Still, pulling chunks of fur out of it all the time is really no fun.
It's only good as a supplement, it doesn't replace vacuuming altogether. I've owned the same dyson for 5 years now and the roomba 500 series for 3 years. This review was 3 years ago and the 500 series rocks. Don't waste your money on the 400 series roomba, I've killed 3 in one year.

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